What is LandscapeHub?

LandscapeHub is a digital, B2B marketplace connecting buyers and suppliers within a central online platform. LandscapeHub represents quality suppliers across the country, aggregating their available inventory and pricing, empowering buyers with a “one stop shop” buying experience.

Why did you build this platform?

We wanted to create a platform that strengthens the entire Green Industry by providing innovative solutions to reduce operational costs, generate market insights, improve efficiency and promotes standardization.

Why should our products be listed in the LandscapeHub marketplace?

You will reach a new and larger audience using our platform, connecting you to buyers across the country. Your products will be listed in the marketplace at no cost to you. What’s more, you will save on personnel and marketing costs because the burden of quoting, logistics and promotion will fall onto us. Additionally, we collect payment from the platform buyers, saving you time and effort from dealing with separate invoice collections.

How is LandscapeHub different than other platforms out there?

Our platform is the only all-in-one B2B fulfillment solution that:

  • Aggregates up-to-date supplier inventories & pricing
  • Features accelerated quoting features & order processing
  • Coordinates logistics & product readiness communication
  • Simplifies payment collection from buyers
  • Generates data insights for better product forecasting

Other platforms might generate leads for your business, but LandscapeHub goes much further by doing all the work for you: Marketing, selling and logistics.

How do we become a supplier for LandscapeHub?

LandscapeHub suppliers are quality-focused, reliable, and offer a broad mix of products. Our suppliers also value inventory accuracy and technology. If you believe you meet our supplier standards then go to www.landscapehub.com and select the Request an invite button, where you will submit your supplier information. We will then reach out to you about next steps regarding marketplace standards, eligibility and onboarding.

What is the cost of being a supplier in LandscapeHub?

Once registered as a supplier, there is no fee for onboarding and listing your products into our platform for buyers to see and order. The only cost to you is a transaction fee, which is collected upon the sale of your product. This fee is really a cost of goods for your business as it only occurs when your product is sold. LandscapeHub provides ongoing marketing, quoting/order processing and logistics solutions for the marketplace.

How do we get our product availability and pricing into LandscapeHub?

Upon registering as a LandscapeHub supplier, we will assist you with the initial uploading of your inventory and pricing. Your LandscapeHub administrator will communicate and coordinate a process and schedule regarding inventory and pricing updates.

What if our products are listed differently than how LandscapeHub displays them?

Part of our value proposition is that we standardize naming/nomenclature and sizing for easy-to-understand product listing. We map your items to the products displayed in our marketplace.

Do we need to list our entire inventory in the marketplace?

Although we prefer to list a supplier’s full inventory we also realize some product may not be ready to list or doesn’t meet the quality standards our buyers expect. The inventory listed in our marketplace will be determined by the supplier.

What are the quality standards of the products in the marketplace?

LandscapeHub vets suppliers to ensure the highest quality products are listed and sold through the platform.

Do we communicate with the buyers?

LandscapeHub manages communication between you and the buyers. We encourage relationships between both buyer and supplier, but LandscapeHub is here to enhance efficiencies between the two, especially regarding availability, quality or product readiness.

How will buyers receive our product?

If your product is to be shipped then LandscapeHub will coordinate the logistics by sourcing a shipper and rate for the buyer. If your product is to be picked up then we’ll coordinate a pickup date with you and the buyer.

How is this going to help us with product forecasting?

Information concerning buyer demand and product trends will be included in our data analytics feature. This is part of our future product roadmap. Stay tuned!