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Eliminate the hassle and time it takes to source high quality landscape products.

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Why LandscapeHub?

LandscapeHub is dedicated to streamlining the B2B procurement process in the Landscaping Industry. Buyers and suppliers increase efficiency, expand their networks and gain valuable market knowledge and insights by using LandscapeHub.

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LandscapeHub makes your future projects easier

Tired of searching for product from numerous suppliers and juggling mountains of inventories, quotes and orders? Save time and money by sourcing, quoting and ordering your product within our “one stop shop” marketplace.

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LandscapeHub connects you to more

Our simple to use platform provides access to a large network of quality and reliable suppliers across the country Product pricing, availability and logistics solutions are at your fingertips.

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"I can view not just pricing, but availabilities of more than one provider more efficiently than if I had to contact each nursery separately."

Donna Vignocchi, ILT Vignocchi

Benefits for buyers and suppliers

Our highly curated online platform streamlines an often tedious procurement process for both sides of the supply chain. Buyers save time and money with an efficient buying experience, while suppliers expand their sales footprint to thousands of marketplace users.

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Ready to expand your reach, increase profitability and be part of a streamlined marketplace? Whether you are a buyer or supplier we invite you to join LandscapeHub and experience the future of buying and selling.

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