What is LandscapeHub?

LandscapeHub is a digital, B2B marketplace connecting buyers and suppliers within a central online platform. LandscapeHub represents quality suppliers across the country, aggregating their available inventory and pricing, empowering buyers with a “one stop shop” buying experience.

Why should we use LandscapeHub to source product?

You’ll reduce time, resources and costs using LandscapeHub. Our simple-to-use platform allows you to conveniently search and compare prices and products from a single, curated marketplace, rather than spending time contacting each individual supplier. Our suppliers have been vetted for quality and reliability, ensuring sourced product meets your standards and is ready when you need it. Orders can be picked up directly from suppliers, or delivery logistics can be coordinated by LandscapeHub. We offer a central payment solution, streamlining your accounts payable process.

How is LandscapeHub different than other platforms out there?

Our platform is the only all-in-one B2B fulfillment solution that:

  • Aggregates up-to-date supplier inventories & pricing
  • Features accelerated quoting features & order processing
  • Coordinates logistics & product readiness communication
  • Offers central payment solution for buyers
  • Generates data insights for product availability trends

Other platforms might provide limited supplier and product information, but LandscapeHub goes much further, providing a complete fulfillment solution: Product information, sourcing, logistics and data insights.

How do we start accessing the marketplace?

Go to www.landscapehub.com and select the Request an invite button, where you will then provide us with your buyer information. Once verified that you are a legitimate trade professional we will grant you access to the marketplace.

What are the quality standards of the products in the marketplace?

LandscapeHub vets suppliers to ensure the highest quality products are listed and sold through the platform.

How much does LandscapeHub cost?

Registered buyers can access LandscapeHub and search thousands of products at no cost. When you receive the product, you will pay the selected supplier price at time of order, plus any applicable taxes and/or shipping fees. If your product is delivered then a separate shipping rate will be communicated with you during the sales order process.

Do we communicate with suppliers when we order product?

LandscapeHub will communicate with the marketplace suppliers on your behalf if there are questions concerning availability, quality or product readiness. With that said, LandscapeHub is here to enhance efficiencies between buyers and suppliers, so we encourage relationships between the two.

How is payment handled when I order product?

LandscapeHub will facilitate payment between the buyer and seller, with you paying LandscapeHub upon receipt of the product.

What if I need pricing and availability for a large product list?

You can easily upload your product lists for quick quoting solutions.

How will we receive our product?

If the product is to be shipped, then LandscapeHub will coordinate logistics by sourcing a 3rd-party shipper and providing a rate for you. If instead you would rather pick up the product directly from the supplier then we’ll coordinate your pickup date with the supplier.

Will my customers have access to the marketplace pricing?

This is strictly a B2B site with supplier availability and pricing, only accessible and visible to registered users who have been verified as legitimate trade professionals.