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All LandscapeHub suppliers are trusted industry professionals. Our entire network has been vetted for quality and best practices.

Starting in 2007, Mini Direct has been offering quality plant material and hardlines to the landscaping community. Since their founding they have added three new locations in Marietta and Peachtree Corners, Georgia, and Piedmont, South Carolina.

More About MNI Direct - Marietta

Gardenology, Inc is a tree and shrub nursery located in the beautiful rural area of Winter Garden, FL. They work hard to keep all of their plant material at FL #1 or better and are a part of the FNGLA (Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association).

More About Gardenology, Inc

Lilley Farms And Nursery, Inc. is a family-owned & operated wholesale tree farm located in Chesapeake, VA that specializes in 2" to 4.5" B&B trees with 250 acres in production.

More About Lilley Farms And Nursery, Inc.

They are a wholesale nursery located 50 miles south of Raleigh North Carolina specializing in container-grown Azaleas, Camellias, Hollies, Conifers, and other Native Ornamental Shrubs.

More About Sampson Nursery

SupplyDirect LLC is a LandscapeHub subsidiary based in Chicago, IL. SupplyDirect brings quality grower materials direct to LandscapeHub.

More About SupplyDirect LLC

Matlack Tree Farm has 40 acres in Clermont, Florida where they focus on growing a wide variety of trees including but not limited to Holly, Cypress, Oak, Elm, Ligustrums, Maples, Palms, Pine, Sweetgum, Sycamore, Viburnum, Elaeocarpus, Cedar, Bottle Brush, Birch, Crape Myrtles and Bamboo.

More About Matlack Tree Farm

Shady Grove Plantation & Nursery, Inc has been in business since 1939 providing high quality landscape plant materials for all sorts of projects. We have been supplying top quality finished plant materials to the landscape profession for generations. The associations we have developed with architects and contractors nationwide have allowed us to place our trees on premier projects from New York to Las Vegas to Istanbul, Turkey. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, providing new varieties and offering up the best solutions.

More About Shady Grove Plantation & Nursery, Inc

Located in the heart of East Texas, 37 Farm is a destination for premium container grown trees ranging from 30 to 200 gallon in size. They have experts who have been in the landscape industry for over 25 years servicing residential and commercial clients with full-service landscape design, construction, and maintenance. They carefully grow their trees to the highest standards to help provide top quality material to the wholesale landscaping industry for all of your tree installation needs.

More About 37 Farm LLC

Chestnut Ridge Nursery, Inc. is a wholesale tree nursery that grows a variety of specimen trees, shrubs, and evergreens. Since establishing in 2013, their staff has worked toward the goal of educating, promoting and evolving a nursery based upon sustainability.

More About Chestnut Ridge Nursery
Doty Nurseries LLC
Distributor Grower

Doty Nurseries is a wholesale nursery that ensures that their plants are healthy and beautiful by limiting their use of pesticides, instead using mechanical cultivation. On their beautiful land in Elburn, IL, they provide a strong selection of trees, evergreens, shrubs and more!

More About Doty Nurseries LLC

Millcreek Gardens is a family-owned nursery that's been growing high quality container-grown Perennials, Herbs, Annuals, Ornamental Grasses, Shrubs, Ferns, Vines, and Succulents since they were established in 1978. Today they continue to operate in the Ohio Valley Region growing over 1,450 varieties of plants in more than 95 greenhouses.

More About Millcreek Gardens LLC

Hope Grange Nursery, LLC is a nursery that is partnered with Zirkle's Nursery to mainly provide quality 1 to 3 gallon container shrubs and ornamental + native grasses.

More About Hope Grange Nursery, LLC

Triple O Nursery has been providing containerized plants to the industry since 1980 and their mission is to offer exceptional value to their customers by providing the highest quality plants and services available, at a favorable price. They will send their plants with enthusiasm, pride for their plants and respect for their customers.

More About Triple O Nursery Farms, Inc

Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries specializes in science based native plant propagation to offer the highest quality native, local genotype plants. They have a comprehensive native plant program featuring over 500 varieties in liner form, based out of Brodhead, Wisconsin. Many varieties are unique to the Midwest. Please note these are large volume liners that can also be planted directly in a landscape. Suitable for North American plantings.

More About Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries

Decker’s Nursery, Inc. has been propagating plants and relationships since 1921. Providing only the highest quality wholesale shrub liners, specialty conifer grafts, and finished material to local and national retail and growers is what they do best.

More About Decker's Nursery, Inc.

Papio Valley Nursery grows quality plant material on 15 acres of irrigated space for landscapers and gardens centers. They specialize in container-grown perennials and shrubs but also offer deciduous and evergreen trees, ornamental grasses, annuals, and tropicals.

More About Papio Valley Nursery

Clear Ridge Nursery focuses on providing native, ornamental trees and shrubs, specializing in containers ranging from 2 to 15 gallons. They have been in this industry for 26 years and focus on providing the best quality plants with fibrous root systems.

More About Clear Ridge Nursery

Lancaster Trees & Shrubs is a wholesale nursery located in Center Hill, Florida that mainly focuses on providing quality trees, shrubs and woody ornamentals. They have been family owned and operated since 1997 and their goal is to make your job easier by providing top quality products and service.

More About Lancaster Trees & Shrubs

Abby Farms is a family-owned nursery and tree farm. Denison Farms (DBA Abby Farms) has over 1000 acres of farmland producing over 400 varieties of trees and plants. By harvesting at the proper time and utilizing high-quality growing systems to produce a larger more fibrous root system, Abby Farms continuously produces the highest quality plant material in the Mid-Atlantic region which has been their top priority for the past 25 years. Their careful and meticulous growing practices ensures cold hardiness, survival and longevity of your landscape without rigorous maintenance. Their management team combined has 108 years of horticulture experience and what it takes to provide you with a quality product and excellent customer satisfaction.

More About Abby Farms

Casey’s Nursery has been serving landscapers and nurseries in the Southeast since 2006. They initially started with 7 acres and have since grown to a nursery and tree farm consisting of almost 70 acres. They offer quality and well maintained 1 gallon plants to field grown trees, and everything in between.

More About Casey's Nursery

With roots in the agricultural industry going back as far as the 19th century, the May family originally began their business as a tobacco farm that was passed down for four generations. In 1971 the family anticipated the decline of U.S. cigar wrapper tobacco production and so, after a systemic study of successful nurseries, they completely converted the tobacco farm into a nursery production of Azaleas, Ilex, and Junipers. May Nursery is now a third-generation wholesale plant nursery with Ashley, Richard, John Bradford & Joel May continuing the family tradition.

More About May Nursery, Inc

Started in 1973, Desert Tree Farm has flourished into a well-established name in the wholesale tree industry, known for its quality and integrity. With two growing yards covering 90 acres and in-house propagation, they have stood behind their motto, Growing Plants for Arizona’s Future™ from day one by providing healthy container grown trees, shrubs, cactus and groundcovers to their customers that are both water conserving and climate adapted.

More About Desert Tree Farm

Shade Tree Nursery is a family owned and operated wholesale nursery that was established 1999. They started out with only one acre, but have since expanded to over five hundred. They have a large variety of trees, plants, and shrubs carefully selected to suit your climate, location, and individual needs.

More About Shade Tree Nursery

More Than Trees is a nursery that specializes in harvesting and relocating large unique plant material with tree spades up to 105". They are known for their unique and nearly forgotten practice of hand harvesting for evergreens from 15' - 70' and shade trees from 15' - 100' as well as drum lacing.

More About More Than Trees

Acorn Farms Inc was founded in 1976 as a central Ohio wholesale nursery. They mainly offer over 800 acres of the highest quality shade and ornamental trees, but also have over 45 acres of container stock including wholesale shrubs, perennials, annuals, succulents, poinsettias, mums, and seasonal plants.

More About Acorn Farms Inc

Carolina Native Nursery is the horticultural industry leader in growing native shrubs, perennials, ferns, and grasses. We specialize in native Azaleas, Rhododendrons, and Mt. Laurels.

More About Carolina Native Nursery

In March 2006 J. Berry Nursery was founded with the vision of bringing high-value plants to the market. J. Berry Nursery is committed to "Creating Beauty that Inspires." The company's extensive trialing process ensures that all new plant genetics introduced outperform the competition in production, at retail, and for the customer in gardens around the country and world. Based in Grand Saline, Texas, J. Berry Nursery's acreage and innovation ensure continuous strategic growth.

More About J. Berry Nursery

Teton Trees is a nursery that carefully selects their trees and shrubs based on their unique characteristics and ability to thrive in the challenging conditions of colder climates. They mainly specialize in high elevation and drought resistant plants.

More About Teton Trees

Hoffman Nursery is a nursery located in North Carolina that solely specializes in providing high quality ornamental and native grasses to the industry.

More About Hoffman Nursery

Advanced Ornamentals is a wholesale grower that mainly grows conifers, hardy ornamentals, and grafts located in the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley.

More About Advanced Ornamentals, Inc

Horticultural Specialty Services is a wholesale nursery with over 100 acres located in central Georgia. They mainly sell trees and perennials, mostly

More About Horticultural Specialty Services

Bent Oak Farm is a top wholesale producer of quality B&B and container trees. Operating on over 500 acres in Florida and Georgia, they extend dependable service across the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida.

More About Bent Oak Farm

Homestead Gardens is the largest enclosed garden center in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metro areas. They expanded with Homestead Horticultural Supply to serve as a one-stop-shopping solution for landscape contractors, builders and municipalities in the DC-Baltimore region.

More About Homestead Gardens, Inc

Tropic Traditions Inc produces southern-native and coastal trees and shrubs and is continuing to expand their product offerings with cold hardy palms. In addition to providing plants of premium quality, they are also passionate in extending exceptional service to all of their customers.

More About Tropic Traditions Inc

Latham's Nursery has been family owned and operated since the late 1960s with over 140 acres of container production. They mainly grow shrubs, trees, grasses, groundcovers, and perennials.

More About Latham's Nursery

Sebastian River Farms is nursery with over 200 acres on the northwest outskirts of Vero Beach. They grow over 75 different varieties of trees & shrubs and specialize in Flowering Trees, Cold Hardy Palms, Natives, Hardwood Shade Trees, and Evergreens.

More About Sebastian River Farms

Windmill Nursery is a family owned nursery with five generations of experience that is located in Franklinton, LA. They mainly grow shrubs, perennials, trees, groundcovers, and fruit.

More About Windmill Nursery

Wagon Hammock Nursery is a nursery located in Lyons, GA that mainly grows premium quality shade trees, ornamental trees, and specimen grade shrubs.

More About Wagon Hammock Nursery

Pinelands Nursery & Supply was established in 1983 by Don and Suzanne Knezick. They initially focused on marketing container grown blueberries, raspberries, and grapes to garden centers, but have since transitioned to mainly producing indigenous trees, shrubs, and herbs. Today, they are one of the largest native plant nurseries in the US, supplying millions of plants for environmental restorations throughout the Mid-Atlantic states.

More About Pinelands Nursery & Supply

Our full line of Soil Moist, mycorrhiza and other water-storing polymer products provide safe, non-toxic solutions for professionals who want to conserve water, manage erosion, control dust and more.

More About JRM Chemical, Inc.

Hunter Trees, LLC produces over 100 varieties of premium field-grown shade, evergreen, and ornamental trees on 225 irrigated acres, which range in size from 15 Gallon containers to 9" calipers.

More About Hunter Trees, LLC

Yule Tree Farms is a second-generation family business that started over 55 years ago with just tree thinnings and an idea to becoming the leading grower of Christmas trees in the state of New York. Today, they operate on a total of 2500 acres as they expanded their operations toward nursery B&B production. They offer the largest selection of pine, spruce, and firs across North America.

More About Yule Tree Farms

Golden Roots Trees operates on 750 acres to produce one of the broadest selections of field-grown B&B and container trees in the landscaping industry. Their mission is to grow the highest quality plants offered at the best price, delivered directly from their farm daily to their neighboring states.

More About Golden Roots Trees, LLC

Eagle Mountain Tree Farm is a family owned and operated nursery located in Mexia, Texas. They have been in the industry since 1999 and specialize in B&B trees like Crape Myrtles, Oaks, etc.

More About Eagle Mountain Tree Farm

Three Volcanoes Farm is a nursery that started in Costa Rica in 2007 and expanded over to Florida in 2010. They currently grow 80 varieties of woody ornamentals, tropicals, liriopes, ornamental grasses, daylilies, and groundcovers. They grow 1, 3, 7, 15, 30 gallon material and Cool Rings in 30, 45, & 65 gallon material.

More About Three Volcanoes Farm

Miller's Ground Covers has specialized in providing top quality ground cover material at competitive prices since they started their operations 35 years ago. They specialize in growing select varieties at large quantities in greenhouses to ensure consistent and healthy plants.

More About Miller's Ground Cover

Classic Groundcovers, Inc. is a wholesale grower that mainly produces quality ground cover plants and perennials.

More About Classic Groundcovers, Inc.

Joss Growers is a leading producer of drought-tolerant plants native to Texas. This family owned and operated business opened their doors in 1993 and describes themselves as a designer nursery that specializes in growing unique cacti, succulents, perennials, and more.

More About Joss Growers Wholesale Nursery

Everde Growers is a leader within the horticulture industry with a true coast-to-coast footprint consisting of over 6,700 acres in production encompassing 14 farm locations throughout Texas, Florida, California, and Oregon. Our superior growing methods and pruning practices ensure consistent high quality and availability. Our inventory mix includes trees, shrubs, perennials, palms, grasses, succulents, tropicals, fruit, and many other items.

More About Everde Growers

SD Walker Nursery Farm LLC is a beautiful nursery located in Wellington, AL that mainly focuses on selling Evergreens, Shade Trees, and Ornamental Trees.

More About SD Walker Nursery Farm LLC

Patterson Nursery Sales is a grower located in Boring, OR that has been in the industry for over 25 years with over 200 acres in production. They are dedicated to providing the best plant materials possible, they specialize in specimen plants, and take pride in having some of the finest conifers and Japanese maples available in the Pacific Northwest.

More About Patterson Nursery Sales

White House Natives is a nursery that is committed to only growing and harvesting the plants that are native to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

More About White House Natives

Pierson Nurseries, Inc. is a Maine company with over 40 years serving the northeast. They are a wholesale grower of a wide selection of woody ornamentals and specialize in herbaceous, woody wetland, and native plants used in commercial, residential mitigation, restoration, and creation of wetland areas.

More About Pierson Nurseries Inc

Noble & Associates is a small operation nursery focused on supplying quality plants located in South Carolina.

More About Noble & Associates

Mid Georgia Nursery, Inc grows a broad selection of shade trees, flowering trees, evergreens, and large glowering shrubs in clay based, sandy loam over 250 acres in Meansville, GA. Having been established in 1982, they are one of the most respected tree farms in the south and always provide quality service.

More About Mid Georgia Nursery, Inc.

Southeastern Growers, Inc. is a nursery that mainly produces broadleaf evergreens, conifers, ornamentals, shade trees, and uprights. Established in 2000, they have quietly developed a reputation for producing quality container and field trees. They practice careful liner selection, strict culling standards, precise pruning techniques, and root enhancement throughout the production process.

More About Southeastern Growers, Inc.

Tom Dodd Nurseries, Inc. produces a quality selection of woody ornamentals, perennials, grasses, and groundcovers in sizes ranging from 4" pots to 30 gallon containers. They were founded in 1920 and are the birthplace to many staple woody ornamentals you see today, like the Mary Nell Holly as well as a number of Camellia japonica and sasanqua cultivars as well as various Azalea varieties.

More About Tom Dodd Nurseries, Inc.

Bob Young's Nursery is a third generation, family owned business, located in Rock Island, TN. They provide everything from bare root to 4"+ caliper trees to match a variety of customers needs and they have specialized in dogwoods for several years. They offer over 10 varieties of dogwoods and continue to grow their selection.

More About Bob Young's Nursery

Cam Too Camellia Nursery, Inc. is focused on the advance of camellia cultivation. With an inventory of over 2 million plants: Camellia japonica, sasanqua, Zone 6 Camellia Hybrids and Camellia species plus other shrubs, trees and perennials. Cam Too produces top quality garden varieties by increasing the temperature zone ranges of camellias, the blooming season, increased bud-set for a more floriferous plant and increasing disease resistance.

More About Cam Too Camellia Nursery, Inc.

Pleasant Cove Nursery is a nursery that specializes in Ornamentals, Shrubs, Evergreens, and Trees in mostly 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 25, and 45 gallon containers as well as BB. They are family owned and have been operating since the late 1950's in the Middle Tennessee Region which is known for its fertile silt-loam soil and mild climate.

More About Pleasant Cove Nursery

Founded in 2009, Landscape Consultants LLC has been providing clients with expertise in landscaping, irrigation, and maintenance. Their team is consists of several certified nurserymen and pesticide applicators as well as many degree holders in landscaping design and horticulture. Because of their extensive background, education, and experience, they are confident in providing unmatched proficiency, skill, and high quality materials.

More About Landscape Consultants LLC

Live Oak Gardens, Ltd. is a wholesale nursery located in South Louisiana at Jefferson Island and has been in the industry since 1973. They offer a wide selection of premium quality plants that include ferns, grasses, perennials, tropical fruit, shrubs, and tropical plants. They specifically have a wide variety of bamboo and palms.

More About Live Oak Gardens, Ltd.

Country Springs has one of the largest growing wholesale inventories in the region. They have expanded over 22 years and now have two locations, one in Lisbon, MD, and another in Leesburg, VA. Both locations sell a wide variety of plants, trees, and hard goods.

More About Country Springs Wholesale Nursery

Great Bear Native Plants is a woman owned and operated family business in Western Montana. They specialize in high quality, containerized native shrubs, forbs, trees, and graminoids (grass and grass-like plants) for restoration, reclamation, and landscaping projects. Most of their products are in Liner Stock, Cone-tainers, and "Deepot" sizes.

More About Great Bear Native Plants, LLC

Ammon Nursery is a family business that took root in 1950, motivated by a love for nature and the desire to provide the industry with a greater variety of quality plants. The Ammons continue to achieve that goal today on their 100 acre farm serving both wholesale and retail customers.

More About Ammon Nursery

R.A. Dudley Nursery, Inc. has been in the business since the 1940's providing customers with quality trees, ferns, grasses, and perennials.

More About R.A. Dudley

Red Pebble Trees specializes in field-grown woody material in their farm that opened its doors in 2008. With family values at the core of its operation, they don't stop at providing the highest quality trees but also extend exceptional service to their valued customers.

More About Red Pebble Trees

Cannon Trees, Inc. is family owned company in Florida and have been in business since 1999. They are the founders of the "Double Dug Trees" organization which believes in providing trees with a quality root system that goes beyond having roots outside the poly liner. The method involves increasing the feeder roots by a minimum of ten times more. This allows the trees to withstand higher levels of stress and uses less water, eliminating digging risk. They mainly sell Cedars, Hollys, Crape Myrtles, and Oaks.

More About Cannon Trees

Parsonage Run Nursery is a grower specializing in boxwoods, lilacs, and viburnum production on their 150-acre, family-owned and operated nursery. In business since 1988, they are now expanding to growing container hydrangeas, roses and boxwoods with continuous focus on providing quality material.

More About Parsonage Run Nursery

Deicing Depot is a wholesale distributor of ice melt chemicals and equipment. Some of the products they offer are ice melt blends, magnesium products, salt remover, and other related products.

More About Deicing Depot

Kennicott Brothers has numerous locations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida, and New Jersey. From Minneapolis to Florida, they provide wholesale flowers, flower supplies, plants, holiday items and event décor to florists, wedding planners, event planners, floral designers, and other businesses.

More About Kennicott Brothers

Johnston's Evergreen Nursery is a family-operated and owned wholesale nursery and garden center. They specialize in growing container and field-grown B&B evergreens and hardy plants in nearly 400 acres of field production as well as 175 growhouses on their farm. Producing high quality nursery stock since 1953, they ensure to bring consistent quality through their practices of chemical root pruning, proper weed control and balanced fertilization.

More About Johnston's Evergreen Nursery

Grown in the Heart of Nebraska, Lanoha Nuseries, Inc. are dedicated to enhancing the natural occurring landscape of the Heartland and the growing operations take place throughout the Greater Omaha area. Their farms are home to thousands of trees grown for you and for Mother Earth. Their intentionally curated trees are climate acclimated from day one in Nebraska due to growing on 600 acres of local land.

More About Lanoha Nurseries, Inc

Still Pond Nursery Sales is a three location wholesale grower and supplier of perennials, evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs. With locations in the town of Millington on Maryland's Eastern Shore, Harrington, Delaware, and a wholesale yard in Georgetown, Delaware, Still Pond delivers from the Mid-Atlantic states to New England.

More About Still Pond Nursery Sales

KBB Tree Farm is the sister company to Athen's Tree Farm that handles the 100 and 200 gallon tree sizes. Athen's Tree Farm is a close-knit family operation growing over 35 different varieties of trees & ornamentals who have about 1,000,000 trees in production with roughly 10% available for sale at any given time. They mainly grow Ash, Crape Myrtle, Cypress, Elm, Holly, Juniper, Magnolia, Oak, Pistache, Red Bud, Vitex, and Wax Myrtle trees. All trees have been grown from seeds or cuttings in certified Root Maker containers and mainly grown to 30, 45, 65, gallon sizes.

More About KBB Tree Farm

Athen's Tree Farm is a close-knit family operation growing over 35 different varieties of trees & ornamentals who have about 1,000,000 trees in production with roughly 10% available for sale at any given time. They mainly grow Ash, Crape Myrtle, Cypress, Elm, Holly, Juniper, Magnolia, Oak, Pistache, Red Bud, Vitex, and Wax Myrtle trees. All trees have been grown from seeds or cuttings in certified Root Maker containers and mainly grown to 30, 45, 65 gallon sizes.

More About Athen's Tree Farm

Tideland Gardens Inc. supplies quality B&B trees, container shrubs, perennials, and grasses, with minimum orders of $1000. Tideland also propagates 80 different plant varieties.

More About Tideland Gardens Inc.

Saunders Brothers Nursery is a third generation family owned nursery, operating on 75 acres of container production and 150 acres of field production. They deliver 1000 different products throughout the mid-Atlantic region, which includes an inventory of spring and fall pansies, colorful annuals and perennials, woody shrubs, container trees, and boxwoods.

More About Saunders Brothers Nursery

Tuckahoe Nurseries, Inc. was founded in 1987 by J. Lindsay Clarkson. After only 20 years Clarkson was able to establish 1500 acres plus of inventory in Woodbine, NJ. Today they provide large varieties of B&B and containerized material.

More About Tuckahoe Nurseries, Inc.

Roseland Nurseries is a quality tree supplier located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Founded in 1965, Roseland Nurseries sits on 700 acres.

More About Roseland Nurseries

Since 1930 Waynesboro Nurseries has been greatly expanding. They currently have 1200 plus acres dedicated to growing over 500 varieties of plants. Throughout the mid-atlantic states, Waynesboro sells reasonably priced plant materials, from groundcovers to evergreens and even ornamental grasses.

More About Waynesboro Nurseries

Scarff's Nursery Inc is a 600 acre B&B and container nursery, which supplies everything from evergreen shrubs to shade trees, ornamental trees and perennials. In addition to wholesale greenery, Scarff’s Nursery also offers residential and commercial design and installation.

More About Ohio Nursery Exchange

Simpson Nurseries is a nationally regarded leading source of pecan, fruit, shade, flowering, and evergreen trees as well as deciduous shrubs. They've been in business for 118 years with over 1500 acres and are the oldest pecan tree growers in the United States.

More About Simpson Nurseries

Fitzgerald Nursery is a family-owned tree nursery in Morganton, North Carolina. They have a wide variety of trees along with three generations of knowledge to ensure that every step from growing, selecting, digging, and loading of your material is done with expertise.

More About Fitzgerald Nursery

Charleston Aquatic & Environmental is a nursery located in Johns Island, SC specializing in quality ornamental pond plants for the water garden industry and native wetland plants for various environmental markets. They've been in the industry for over 25 years and have even developed their own sustainable system for storm water lagoons called The New American Pond System.

More About Charleston Aquatic & Environmental

Babikow Greenhouses, started in 1875, seeks to provide sustainable plants that thrive in local regions and landscapes. They supply annuals, ferns, grasses, natives, pansies and kale, and perennials. Orders are pulled, placed on racks, and then loaded onto trucks for delivery.

More About Babikow Greenhouses

Quality Trees and Shrubs has been supplying landscapers, designers and builders with top-of-the-line plant material for over a decade. Anyone who strives to make a name in this industry knows that you have to use only the best material. At Quality Trees and Shrubs, they use the latest technology to produce the highest quality liners and the most beautiful ornamental shrubs and trees. On their nearly 200-acre tree and shrub farm, they have a wide selection of healthy, vigorous plants for our buyers. From Loropetalum liners to 670-gallon Magnolia trees, their materials are ready to be installed in your latest development. Additionally, their new 41-acre Sylvester palm tree farm with mature, ready-to-install palms, is the perfect place for your palm tree needs. Satisfied customers choose Quality Trees and Shrubs again and again to help set their projects apart from the rest. Their staff at Quality Trees and Shrubs works hard to make sure that quality shines through in every aspect of what they do. They are with you through every step of the purchasing process – from checking availability to arranging delivery, you’ll love doing business with Quality Trees and Shrubs. Recognized as one of Florida’s premier suppliers, you can expect more from Quality Trees and Shrubs. They are big on service, big on selection, and even bigger on quality.

More About Quality Trees & Shrubs

Bennett's Creek Nursery has four different distribution centers in Smithfield, Williamsburg, and Virginia Beach VA, and in Powells Point, NC. Their inventory includes fall and spring annuals, deciduous shrubs, edibles, evergreen shrubs, hardgoods, perennials, tools and accessories, topiaries, trees, and tropicals.

More About Bennett's Creek Nursery

Christensen's Plant Center has supplied quality nursery stock in the southeast Michigan area since 1931. The Center's 32-acres, in Plymouth, Michigan, includes trees, shrubs, groundcovers and perennials. They deliver throughout the Midwest on semi tractor/trailer or on smaller dump trucks.

More About Christensen's Plant Center

Starting in 1910 with only 185 acres of land, the Johnson family was able to prosper and grow to having over 1600 acres of nursery and container plants! Now in Deerfield, NJ, they continue to grow a wide assortment of trees, perennials, shrubs and ornamental grasses. Along with this they have over 800 acres of sod, providing customers with both Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass.

More About Johnson Farms
Coastal Botanics

Your Cold Hardy Palm Source

More About Coastal Botanics

Millican Nurseries, LLC has more than 100 acres in Chichester, NH. They sell a large variety of shrubs, trees, and perennials.

More About Millican Nurseries, LLC

MNI Direct in Dearing, Georgia is a one stop source for quality plant materials and hardlines. MNI Direct values their customers, and they pride themselves in the best customer service around.

More About MNI Direct - Peachtree Corners

MNI Direct in Dearing, Georgia is a one stop source for quality plant materials and hardlines. MNI Direct values their customers, and they pride themselves in the best customer service around.

More About MNI Direct - Dearing

Poole Brothers Nursery has over 250 acres of land at 5 different locations in Lecompte, Louisiana. They grow roses, fruit and trees.

More About Poole Brothers Nursery

Premier Plant Solutions has three locations in Ohio where they provide premium plants. They prioritise their relationship with the landscaping community and provide easy access to all of their facilities.

More About Premier Plant Solutions

Brantley Nurseries serves the southeastern United States from three different locations: Center Hill (75 acres), Bushnell (45 acres), and Winter Garden (25 acres). Initially they aimed at supplying cold hardy varieties, but have since expanded to meet new industry needs with over 250 plant varieties.

More About Brantley Nurseries

Lake Tree Growers seeks to be your first source when looking for quality grown container trees and shrubs. They are located in Whigham, Georgia.

More About Lake Tree Growers

Shiloh Nursery is located in Harmony, NC. They have an inventory of dedicious trees and shrubs, conifers, evergreen shrubs, broadleaf evergreens, and tropicals.

More About Shiloh Nursery

Mckay Nursery is one of the largest nurseries in the US. Located in Waterloo, WI, they occupy over 1,500 acres. From perennials to shrubs, and even shade trees, Mckay's valued employees work to make sure plants grow and flourish.

More About McKay Nursery Company
Midwest Trading

St. Aubin Nursery grows a collection of trees, shrubs and evergreens for wholesale purposes. St. Aubin Nursery 's container division is open virtually year round, and their B&B/Field division operates from early March to mid-December. Deliveries range form single pallets to full semi-trailers, and reach out to 27 different states.

More About St. Aubin Nursery

Panoramic Farm started business in 1998, now it has 55 working acres and they specialize in a mix of perennials, grasses, natives and woody ornamentals. Located in Union County, North Carolina they have 55 acres under production, 17 acres of irrigated bed space, 80k square feet of greenhouse space, and 4 spring-fed retention ponds.

More About Panoramic Farm

Evergreen of Charlotte is a wholesale yard that services Charlotte, NC area. They specialize in groundcovers, shrubs, trees, perennials, mulch, soil, fertilizer and pine needles.

More About Evergreen of Charlotte

For 20 years The Holly Factory has been growing the highest quality ornamental trees in Alachua, Florida.

More About The Holly Factory

Hardscapes and bulk materials.

More About Bulks, Inc.

Dothan Trees L.L.C. is a family owned B&B nursery that was established in 1989. Quality plants are insured through drip irrigation, advanced fertilizer application, and strict pruning practices. In addition, all shade trees are root pruned.

More About Dothan Trees

For 35 years David's Nursery has been providing assortments of evergreen, deciduous and perennial plants. With over 300 acres, their specialty is pot-in-pot grown woody plants ready for the landscape.

More About David's Nursery, LLC
Ocean Wholesale Nursery
Distributor Grower

Ocean Wholesale Nursery provides a sea of quality plant material including perennials, woody and evergreen shrubs, deciduous and evergreen trees. Located in Jackson, NJ they also sell bulk materials such as mulch and stone.

More About Ocean Wholesale Nursery

Tiffany Lawn & Garden Supply, Inc. was founded in January of 1979 in downtown Indianapolis. Tiffany's Lawn and Garden supplies landscaping materials, which includes mulch, natural stone, soil blends, edging, erosion control, stone, tree care, and grass seeds.

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Jack Rabbit Nursery specializes in ground covering, grasses and shrubs. Jack Rabbit Nursery handles each order with utmost care and never ships poor quality plants. Each lot is hand inspected by some of the best growers in the business.

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Kaneville Tree Farms produces quality, larger-size shade, ornamental and evergreen trees, which are grown on 14 foot centers and sold at 4-inch caliper or larger. Family owned by the Damgaard family since 1975, Kaneville Tree Farms is located on over 470 acres in Kaneville, Illinois.

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Known within our industry as "The Liriope People", Tidwell Nurseries has been in operation since 1948 and dabbled in everything from rooting groundcover cuttings and field production to retailing, landscaping, and maintenance. Since then, they have narrowed down their focus to master growing a variety of Liriope, Ophiopogon, and other ornamental grasses, perennials and vines on a wholesale level. Their plants are grown in XPRESS Trays which can be efficiently packed and shipped nationwide via traditional carriers in short notice.

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DMF Gardens Inc.
Distributor Grower

DMF Gardens Inc. is a wholesale family-owned business. DMF came from the name Des Moines Feed, where the family business first began. Although their main stock was first aquatic plants, they now sell a large variety of trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses.

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Container grower of material from 7 gallon - 65 gallon

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Phyto Ecology is located in Ridgely, MD, and is one of the top growers of quality container woody ornamentals, perennials, and grasses. With 117 acres of land, their mission is to provide quality grown container plants at the best possible prices.

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Green Goods Wholesale Nursery is locally owned and operated in Hardeeville, SC. They have over 40 years of combined landscaping experience and offer a variety of annuals, perennials, grasses, ground covers, shrubs, trees, etc.

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Jasperson Sod Farm, started in 1959, grows a large variety of Bluegrass blends. Starting with only 2 acres, they now have an astonishing 1200 acres of sod for production.

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Discount Tree Sales and Transplanting started over 35 years ago. today they have over 1 million trees on 800 acres of land. They also supply large tree moving equipment that can move trees up to 20-25' tall. With over 200 varieties of deciduous, ornamental, and evergreen trees, Discount Trees can provide the professional expertise that you are looking for.

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Ivanhoe Nursery & Farms, located in Mundelein, IL, is a family owned wholesale nursery with over 250 species of cultivars and plants. The plants are grown for the Northern Chicagoland area, as well as the surrounding states. Mostly grown in heavy clay soil, the plants are capable of surviving in the zone 4 hardiness climate.

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Natorp's Nursery

Founded in 1916 by William A. Natorp, Natorp's Nursery is now a four generation company. Located in Cincinnati, they care for 333 acres of plants including shrubs, perennials, annuals, trees, and more.

More About Natorp's Nursery

Uxbridge Nurseries is a family owned business operating on five farms throughout the Durham Region. For 40 years they have specialized in large caliper field-grown trees, shrubs, and evergreens, all grown in different types of rich soils.

More About Uxbridge Nurseries

Harmony Hill Nursery is run by a team of passionate horticulturists organically growing strong drought and disease tolerant trees in an exceptional soil medium of clay rock and loam for a premium package. They mainly grow specimen shade, flowering, and ornamental trees to a ten inch caliper as well as large evergreens to a height of thirty feet.

More About Harmony Hill Nursery, LLC

Weston Nurseries Inc. has a wide variety of products: trees and shrubs, perennials, bamboo and ferns, edibles, ornamental grasses, annuals, and Mezitt originals. With a friendly and experienced staff they will make it easy for you to get your jobs done quickly and under budget.

More About Weston Nurseries Inc.

The Perennial Farm is the largest grower of perennials, ornamental grasses and hardy ferns for nurseries and landscapers on the East Coast. Buyers can expect delivery times ranging from next day to 5 days depending on the region. Typical shipments arrive in 2 days.

More About The Perennial Farm

Sepers Nursery is a fourth generation family-owned business that supplies a wide variety of container grown nursery stock, perennials, grasses, and ground cover. Job site deliveries are available, and small orders can even be picked up on a days notice.

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EZ Kut, founded in 1988, supplies tools that are meant to be strong and durable. EZ Kut tools have a 100%, full lifetime guarantee on them. The types of tools they supply are: saws, pruners, loppers, tool bags, knives, drills, and tool replacement pieces.

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Country Gardens Nursery, Inc. is a wholesale nursery located in Eastport, NY that mainly grows landscape sized ready Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, and Grasses. They specialize in Coastal and Deer Resistant plants.

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Endless Mountain Stone Company is in the beautiful mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania, and has over 1500 acres of quarried stone. They supply bluestone, fieldstone, signage pieces, tumbled stone, and veneer.

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For 75 years Fond du Lac Stone, Inc. has been supplying clients with a large network of quarry sites to produce stone in custom sizes, color ranges and finishes to meet your valued specifications. They offer environmentally safe material that provides durability.

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High Prairie Landscape Supply is a landscape project supplier located in Genoa City, Wisconsin. Their inventory includes hardscape materials such as retaining walls, brick pavement, mulches, fertilizers, gravel, etc.

More About High Prairie Landscape Supply

"InstantHedge prioritizes efficient and earth friendly practices on their 80+ acre farm in Canby, Oregon. They have over 50 miles of hedges. With InstantHedge, customers will not only get eco-friendly produced plants, but will also not have to wait 5 years for a finished hedge border.

More About InstantHedge

R & S Bristol Farms is a wholesale only nursery located in Bristol, Wisconsin. They have many varieties of deciduous trees and shrubs.

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From 1968 till now, Green Glen Nursery has been producing a large variety of high-quality plant material. Located in Illinois they have 500 acres of a variety of trees, shrubs and plant material for professional landscapers.

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Established in 1994, Cardno Native Plant Nursery provides a variety of non-invasive native Indiana plants. On all 130 of their acres they developed custom bioengineering materials to offer additional restoration options, including pre-vegetated coir products.

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Manor View Farm

Manor View Farm in Baltimore County, Maryland has 70+ acres in field production. The Farm has over 400 varieties of shade and flowering trees and shrubs. The Farm has an unique roll-off fleet of delivery vehicles that make unloading easier.

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Located in Southern Ontario, Sheridan Nurseries is one of the largest nurseries at 900 acres and expanding 10 acres a year. They produce over 600 perennial varieties and 600 hardy nursery stock varieties. Sheridan Nurseries is also responsible for introducing new plants including Green Velvet Boxwood and Ivory Silk Lilac Tree.

More About Sheridan Nurseries

DeVroomen Garden Products works with professional growers, landscape contractors, and Retail Nurseries. They use bare root perennials, and shipping starts in early February.

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C.R. Nelson has been a provider of landscaping services in the Chicagoland area since 1966. They supply a collection of evergreens, shade trees, ornamental trees, shrubs and mulch, which can be delivered directly to your job site.

More About C.R. Nelson Wholesale Plant Supply
Green Acres Tree Farm
Distributor Grower

Green Acres Tree Farm is a wholesale nursery that specializes in growing and delivering evergreen and ornamental trees. From Maryland to Northern Michigan they grow over 40,000 trees in clay loam soil. Each of these trees is individually tagged and dug fresh in season.

More About Green Acres Tree Farm

Lake County Nursery has a wide selection of trees, shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses and evergreens. Located on 350 acres in Madison, Ohio, they are able to broker flat beds, vans and reefers of all sizes.

More About Lake County Nursery

Intrinsic Perennial Gardens supplies mostly single gallon perennials, which includes tender perennials, ferns, grasses, shrubs and vines. Intrinsic Gardens propagates about 80% of their material with over 900 varieties. Started in 1992, Intrinsic Perennial Gardens now has over 11,000 square feet for plug production.

More About Intrinsic Perennial Gardens

Since 1971 Dutchmaster Nurseries Ltd. has been growing and shipping trees, shrubs and perennials, along with an assortment of hardgoods. They pride themselves in being able to give the best customer service by tending to the needs of every customer and growing a range of plant material.

More About Dutchmaster Nurseries Ltd.
A.D.R Bulbs

Since 1946, A.D.R Bulbs has been a provider of wholesale flower bulbs. Their supply comes straight from family farms in the Netherlands. In 2019 alone they shipped over 13 million bulbs to all 50 US states.

More About A.D.R Bulbs

Ruppert Nurseries offer over 250 varieties of deciduous and evergreen trees as well as a handful of shrubs. With an inventory of approximately 80,000 trees, Ruppert has trees in the Mall in Washington DC, at the White House, the National Zoo and Flight 93 Memorial to name a few.

More About Ruppert Nurseries

Raemelton Farm grows more than 300 varieties of trees from traditional landscape trees, to fruit and nut bearing trees. Located on 100 acres in County, Maryland, they are the first nursery in the country to offer USDA Certified ORGANIC trees, quality is guaranteed.

More About Raemelton Farm

Angelica Nurseries produces landscape-grade woody ornamental plants for use in the professional nursery trade. Over 80 percent of their seedlings, rooted cuttings and grafts come from Angelica’s own stock plants with the balance coming from suppliers who share a dedication to lasting quality. Optimum growing environments are created for each crop matching cultivar requirements with site characteristics.

More About Angelica Nurseries, Inc.

Kaknes Landscape Supply is a wholesale landscape provider of the Chicagoland area. Established in 1989, Kaknes supplies plants and equipment for any job. As for-non plant materials, Kaknes provides irrigation supplies, groundcovers, fertilizers, mulch, hand tools, and more. Their plant inventory includes evergreens, ferns, grasses, trees, and more.

More About Kaknes Landscape Supply

Since 1998, American Native Plants has been devoted to distributing and growing native plants. These plants are critical in maintaining a biodiverse natural ecosystem. Located in Middle River, Maryland, they offer a large variety of herbs, shrubs, trees, and hard goods.

More About American Native Plants

Northern Nursery Inc. started over 75 years ago and is now a fourth generation family-owned business that specializes in wholesale trees and residential and commercial landscaping. Specializing in 2" - 8" Shade and Ornamental and 6' - 30' Conifer Trees, they produce between 5,000 and 8,000 B&B Shade, Ornamental and Conifer Trees per year. Delivery reaches from the Midwest and East Coast.

More About Northern Nursery Inc

R&J Farms, Inc. grows shade and ornamental trees. They are a family owned business that operates on 186 acres in West Salem, Ohio. Their mission is to produce the best trees at the lowest price possible.

More About R&J Farms, Inc.

Home Nursery, Inc. is located near St. Louis Missouri, and operates through two distribution centers, Albers, IL and in O'Fallon, MO. They grow a large selection of plant material focusing on plants that grow well in their hardiness zone, which includes deciduous shrubs, conifers, broadleaf evergreens, perennials, patio trees, vines, fruit trees, and ground cover.

More About Home Nursery, Inc.

W. & E. Radtke, Inc specializes in quality grown, hardy perennials for homes and landscapes for over 40 years. They feature a huge selection, over 1600 varieties, of perennials, grasses, ferns and native plants specially chosen to thrive in the upper Midwest. You’ll find a range of growing material to satisfy your needs and those of your most discriminating customers.

More About W. & E. Radtke, Inc.

Marshalls' Riverbank Nurseries, Inc. has over 500 hoophouses on the Wicomico River in Salisbury, Maryland. Every plant for every order is hand-picked to ensure the highest quality, with a fleet of delivery trucks customers receive orders within 3 days.

More About Marshalls' Riverbank Nurseries, Inc.
Cedar Path Nurseries
Distributor Grower

Cedar Path Nurseries is a local grower with over 300 acres. They provide a full selection of nursery products ranging from B&B material to container grown material, all at an affordable price!

More About Cedar Path Nurseries
Johnson's Nursery, Inc.
Distributor Grower

Johnson's Nursery, Inc. is one of Milwaukee area’s largest wholesale plant nurseries for flowering ornamental and shade trees, shrubs, conifers, evergreens, perennials, grasses, and more. Founded in 1959, Johnson's Nursery is a 600 acre farm in Menomonee Falls.

More About Johnson's Nursery, Inc.

Starting in 1995, Zirkle's Nursery was established by Doug Zirkle. He planted small 3 gallon plants and eventually the nursery grew up to 130 different plants. Being known for large container hydrangeas, customers range from New Hampshire, down past Washington D.C., and out as far as Illinois.

More About Zirkle's Nursery

Hopewell Nursery has over 1,800 acres of field for production and supplies deciduous and evergreen trees, shrubs, perennials, container plants and pot in pot material. Hopewell delivers from Maine to Virginia and West to the Michigan and Chicago regions.

More About Hopewell Nursery

Ingleside Plantation Nurseries, owned and operated as an agricultural enterprise since 1890, currently is 1,800 acres and is known as “Virginia’s largest and finest nursery.” Located in the beautiful Northern Neck area of Virginia, Ingleside Nurseries delivers to the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Midwest regions.

More About Ingleside Plantation Nurseries

Poul's Landscaping & Nursery, Inc. has been supplying the Chicago Northwest and Northshore communities with landscape architecture, horticultural expertise, and skilled field technicians. Poul's provides everything needed to create and maintain beautiful gardens and living spaces.

More About Poul's Landscaping & Nursery, Inc.
Hort Inc
Distributor Grower

Established in 1954, Arthur Weiler Nursery has more than 210 acres dedicated to growing and selling trees, shrubs, and evergreens. 200 of their acres is dedicated to field grown plants and 5 acres of container shrubs. For easy access all year round they have 7 acres of pre-dug plants available for pick-up.

More About Arthur Weiler Nursery Inc.

Leaves Inspired Tree Nursery is a family run company and is located near Chilton, Wisconsin. Their inventory is a wide variety of trees growing for the wholesale market and they make it their mission to supply different unique trees in an ecologically responsible way. They strive to push the industry forward into the future by utilizing technology, tree physiology, and research.

More About Leaves Inspired Tree Nursery
Goodmark Nurseries
Distributor Grower

Goodmark Nurseries is a family-owned quality provider of trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials and grasses. Established in 1985, Goodmark started with 160 acres and has since expanded to 500 acres in two locations: Wonder Lake, IL and Union, IL. Wonder Lake specializes in evergreens, shade trees, and ornamentals. In the summer, they use a 20 acre holding yard to provide plants even when the dig window is closed. South Branch Nurseries consists of 100 acres and specializes in smaller caliper shade trees, evergreens, shrubs, roses, and perennials.

More About Goodmark Nurseries

Twixwood Nursery is made up of five locations and is one of the premier sellers of groundcovers, perennials, vines, and ornamental grasses. In total they have one million square feet of poly space, 360 acres, and 60 acres of field growing area.

More About Twixwood Nursery

Fiore Nursery and Landscape Supply provides the Chicagoland area with premium grade plant material in over 1,100 varieties. In addition, they supply natural stone and landscape supply products at both of their locations. They are located in Prairie View and Chicago, Illinois.

More About Fiore Nursery and Landscape Supply

Walker Nursery Co. is a family-owned operation dedicated to providing quality trees and shrubs to our industry. Founded in the 1950's by six brothers, their early years were focused on fruit tree production. Today, they have expanded to specialize in growing a number of Cornus (dogwood) varieties and later included a vast diversity of shade trees and shrubs into their production cycle.

More About Walker Nursery Co.

Botanico, Inc. supplies the eastern and mid‐western United States, Canada and China. Botanico is home to the Smart-Tree Production system. Smart Trees are powered with solar panels that provide 100% of the tree's photosynthetic energy. Smart-Trees are environmentally friendly: they create cleaner air, cleaner soil, and prevent erosion.

More About Botanico, Inc.

Waverly Farm has a 25-acre plot of land on the Potomac River near Poolesville, Maryland. With a selection of over 300 plants, Waverly Farm has a very high quality selection of plants.

More About Waverly Farm

For 30 years Odom Nursery has been producing premium shade and flowering trees, shrubs and evergreens. Based in Morrison, Tennessee, they have a flourishing 1,200 acres.

More About Odom Nursery

Mariani Plants started off in 1992 with 167 acres. Today, they have expanded to over 700 acres across multiple nurseries in Wisconsin and Illinois. The largest of their nurseries is 575 acres in Kenosha, WI where a large variety of B&B plants are grown on wide field spacing to create full thriving field plants. Garden Prairie, IL is home to their 160 acre evergreen and container shrub facility where they utilize climate control greenhouses to ensure high-quality plants.

More About Mariani Plants
Hinsdale Nurseries
Distributor Grower

Hinsdale Nurseries maintains 650 acres of land for the development, propagation, growth and distribution of trees, ornamentals, evergreens, shrubs and perennials. The nursery was founded under the name Littleford Nurseries in Willowbrook, IL 150 years ago and has since moved its operations to Plano, Illinois.

More About Hinsdale Nurseries

Spring Grove Nursery is a 6th generation wholesale nursery that offers a diverse and unique selection of shade, ornamental, and evergreen trees. On their 100 acres of land in North Central Illinois, they practice no-till farming to guarantee healthy and beautiful trees.

More About Spring Grove Nursery, Inc.
Charlotte Creek Nursery
Distributor Grower

Charlotte Creek Nursery is a family-owned, first generation, nursery in northwestern Rush County. Even with 200 different species of cultivars of shade, flowering, fruit and evergreen trees, Charlotte Creek still operates on a small enough scale to allow them to pay close attention to details and continue to produce high quality plants.

More About Charlotte Creek Nursery
Wilson Nurseries
Distributor Grower

Since 1997 Wilson Nurseries has been supplying the landscaping industry with quality nursery stock. Based mainly in Hampshire, they produce a large variety of plants, including, evergreens, grasses, groundcovers, perennials, shade trees, shrubs, and more! This environmentally conscious nursery is able to meet all your plant and landscaping needs.

More About Wilson Nurseries

Pizzo Native Plant Nursery is a 40 acre wholesale grower specializing in native plant plugs near Leland, IL. They have specialized in ecological restoration science for over 30 years, and pride themselves in strong customized customer service.

More About Pizzo Native Plant Nursery

Loma Vista Nursery is a wholesale distributor in two locations. In Ottawa, KS they have a 310 acre wholesale production facility. Their 650 acre in-ground tree farm is located in Lawrence, KS. They have received a SANC certification.

More About Loma Vista Nursery

Hoffie Nursery produces a large variety of high-quality perennials. Founded in 1990, Hoffie Nursery has grown to have over 600 different varieties of perennials on 45 acres of land.

More About Hoffie Nursery, Inc.

Fox Ridge Wholesale Nursery all started with a couple of friends that had a passion for horticulture. After two decades they decided to found Fox Ridge Nursery in Harvard, IL. Currently with 225 acres in production, they pride themselves on listening to their customers and keeping up with the constantly changing business.

More About Fox Ridge Nursery

Montale Gardens works with their talented team to produce a beautiful variety of plants. This wholesale grower will ensure quality throughout all their premium shrubs, perennials, roses, and groundcovers.

More About Montale Gardens

Being an industrial leader in growing and distributing nursery stock, Midwest Groundcovers provides a large variety of container nursery products. In their five locations in St. Charles (IL), Virgil (IL), and Glenn (MI), they strive to maintain sustainable practices with over 230 species of local ecotype native plants.

More About Midwest Groundcovers LLC

Nestled in Oldham Country, Kentucky, Riverfarm Nursery is a wholesale grower of shade and ornamental trees. Over their three decades of being in business, they have perfected the way they package their trees. By using a Clegg spade, they are able to dig a cylinder shaped ball that will stand without blocks. Riverfarm is constantly expanding, currently with over 250 acres of beautiful land overlooking the Ohio River.

More About Riverfarm Nursery

For over 55 years, Studebaker Nurseries, has been a leading nursery located in New Carlisle, Ohio. At 1200 acres Studebaker is committed to providing quality balled and burlapped and container materials. Studebaker Nurseries, Inc. grows a wide variety of woody ornamentals, evergreens, deciduous shrubs, trees, perennials, and liners.

More About Studebaker Nurseries

Starting with two high school buddies and 20 acres, Kankakee Nursery is now a 2,500 acre nursery that supports the families of over 100 employees. This fourth generation business offers a premium selection of trees, evergreens, shrubs, and native plants.

More About Kankakee Nursery

Willoway Nurseries, Inc. ranks top 40 nationwide, as one of the largest wholesale growers of quality nursery stock in the midwest. With 550 acres of field production and 450 acres of container stock which includes 32 acres of climate controlled greenhouses, Willoway produces 2,000 different plant varieties including shade trees, ornamental trees and shrubs, evergreens, perennials, and flowering annuals.

More About Willoway Nurseries, Inc.