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Acorus gramineus 'Ogon' Golden Variegated Sweet FlagGolden Variegated Sweet Flag
Alocasia 'Calidora' Calidora Elephant EarCalidora Elephant Ear
Alocasia 'Low Rider' Low Rider Elephant EarLow Rider Elephant Ear
Alocasia 'Mayan Mask' Mayan Mask Elephant EarMayan Mask Elephant Ear
Alocasia micholitziana 'Frydek' Frydek African MaskFrydek African Mask
Alocasia plumbae 'Nigra' Black TaroBlack Taro
Aloe 'Safari Rose' Safari Rose Aloe (Southern Living® Plant Collection USPP28002)Safari Rose Aloe
Aloe 'X5' Safari Sunrise™ Aloe (PDSI, Southern Living® Plant Collection USPP23267)Safari Sunrise™ Aloe
Annual - Ageratum asst. Ageratum - various colorsAgeratum - various colors
Annual - Angelonia asst. Angelonia - various colorsAngelonia - various colors
Annual - Asparagus Fern Asparagus FernAsparagus Fern
Annual - Bacopa Blue Blue BacopaBlue Bacopa
Annual - Bacopa White Bacopa - whiteBacopa - white
Annual - Begonia assorted Begonia - nonstop, rieger, dragon, rexBegonia - nonstop, rieger, dragon, rex
Annual - Begonia Bronze Leaf (flat) Begonia Bronze LeafBegonia Bronze Leaf
Annual - Begonia Green Leaf (flat) Begonia Green LeafBegonia Green Leaf
Annual - Begonia Whopper Whopper Red Begonia (Southern Living® Plant Collection)Whopper Red Begonia
Annual - Bellis asst. Bellis - various colorsBellis - various colors
Annual - Bidens BidensBidens
Annual - Bracteantha bracteata StrawflowerStrawflower
Annual - Cabbage/Kale Flowering Cabbage and KaleFlowering Cabbage and Kale
Annual - Caladium assorted Caladium - various typesCaladium - various types
Annual - Calibrachoa asst. Calibrachoa - various colorsCalibrachoa - various colors
Annual - Canna asst. Canna - various typesCanna - various types
Annual - Celosia asst. Celosia - various typesCelosia - various types
Annual - Chrysanthemum hybrid 'Bronze' Bronze ChrysanthemumBronze Chrysanthemum
Annual - Chrysanthemum hybrid 'Orange' Orange ChrysanthemumOrange Chrysanthemum
Annual - Chrysanthemum hybrid 'Pink' Pink ChrysanthemumPink Chrysanthemum
Annual - Chrysanthemum hybrid 'Purple' Purple ChrysanthemumPurple Chrysanthemum
Annual - Chrysanthemum hybrid 'Red' Red ChrysanthemumRed Chrysanthemum
Annual - Chrysanthemum hybrid 'White' White ChrysanthemumWhite Chrysanthemum
Annual - Chrysanthemum hybrid 'Yellow' Yellow ChrysanthemumYellow Chrysanthemum
Annual - Cleome asst. Cleome - various colorsCleome - various colors
Annual - Coleus asst. Coleus - various typesColeus - various types
Annual - Colocasia - asst. Colocasia - various typesColocasia - various types
Annual - Cosmos asst. Cosmos - various typesCosmos - various types
Annual - Cuphea Mexican Heather Mexican Heather LavenderMexican Heather Lavender
Annual - Cyperus involucratus 'Baby Tut' Cyperus 'Baby Tut' umbrella sedgeCyperus 'Baby Tut' umbrella sedge
Annual - Daffodil asst. Daffodil - various typesDaffodil - various types
Annual - Dahlia asst. Dahlia - various colorsDahlia - various colors
Annual - Dichondra DichondraDichondra
Annual - Digiplexis 'Illumination Flame' Illumination® Flame Digiplexis® (Sunset® Western Garden Collection PP25442)Illumination® Flame Digiplexis®
Annual - Dusty Miller Dusty MillerDusty Miller
Annual - English Ivy asst. English Ivy - various typesEnglish Ivy - various types
Annual - Erysimum asst. Erysimum - various colorsErysimum - various colors
Annual - Eucalyptus gunnii Eucalyptus 'Silver Drop'Eucalyptus 'Silver Drop'
Annual - Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' Diamond Frost EuphorbiaDiamond Frost Euphorbia
Annual - Fern Boston/Kimberly/Maidenhair/Autumn Fern Boston/Kimberly/Maidenhair/AutumnFern Boston/Kimberly/Maidenhair/Autumn
Annual - Fiber Optic Grass Fiber Optic GrassFiber Optic Grass
Annual - Fuschia asst. Fuchsia - various typesFuchsia - various types
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