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Holds color well through winter; heat tolerant. Narrow pyramidal in form. Will grow under black walnut.

From the Experts

One of the most popular arborvitae in production, Emerald Green, sometimes called Emerald, is a strongly upright arborvitae with a narrow dense pyramidal habit and medium green scaly foliage. Maturing to 15 feet in height by 4 feet in width, 'Smaragd' is commonly used for tall privacy hedges, though is also suitable for stand alone plantings or small groupings. This variety demonstrates excellent cold and heat tolerance with little to no color loss in winter. Like other Thuja occidentalis, Emerald Green shows moderate salt tolerance. Watering 2 to 3 times a week and mulching in the first year is recommended, but this may depend on soil conditions. Water in times of drought. Prune in spring or midsummer to maintain shape or to keep 'Smaragd' small. Fertilize as needed in early spring with a balanced slow release fertilizer.

Mature Height 12'-14'
Mature Width 36"-4'
Evergreen Trees Salt Tolerant Urban Tolerant