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Upright, broad, irregular, suckering shrub, prefers acidic soil, but is adaptable

From the Experts

Bottlebrush buckeye or dwarf horse chestnut is a medium to large wide-spreading suckering shrub that becomes 12 feet high and 15 feet wide at maturity. Palmately compound leaves grow up to 8 inches long and are glossy medium green turning shades of yellow in fall. Flowers emerge in early July on cylindrical panicles 8-12 inches long and up to 4 inches wide. White flowers measure about 1 inch in diameter and display pinkish white stamens which project an inch out from the petals. Aesculus parviflora performs best in part to full shade in moist to periodically wet soils. It is not recommended for southwestern exposure or dry soils. Bottlebrush buckeye is native to the southeast United States and hardy to zone 4. Avoid planting

Mature Height 9'
Mature Width 11'
Deciduous Shrubs