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Pizzo Native Plant Nursery

Pizzo Native Plant Nursery
10729 Pine Rd
Leland, IL 60531
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17 days ago
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Acorus calamus Sweet FlagSweet Flag
Agastache foeniculum Anise HyssopAnise Hyssop
Agastache nepetoides Yellow Giant HyssopYellow Giant Hyssop
Allium canadense Wild GarlicWild Garlic
Allium cernuum Nodding Wild OnionNodding Wild Onion
Ammophila breviligulata Marram GrassMarram Grass
Amorpha canescens Lead PlantLead Plant
Amorpha fruticosa False Indigo BushFalse Indigo Bush
Andropogon gerardi Big BluestemBig Bluestem
Anemone canadensis Meadow AnemoneMeadow Anemone
Anemone cylindrica ThimbleweedThimbleweed
Aquilegia canadensis Canadian ColumbineCanadian Columbine
Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly WeedButterfly Weed
Asclepias verticillata Whorled MilkweedWhorled Milkweed
Blephilia hirsuta Hairy Wood MintHairy Wood Mint
Bouteloua curtipendula Sideoats GramaSideoats Grama
Bromus pubescens Woodland BromeWoodland Brome
Calamagrostis canadensis Blue Joint GrassBlue Joint Grass
Caltha palustris Marsh MarigoldMarsh Marigold
Carex annectans Small Yellow Fox SedgeSmall Yellow Fox Sedge
Carex aquatilis Water SedgeWater Sedge
Carex atherodes Hairy-leaved Lake SedgeHairy-leaved Lake Sedge
Carex blanda Eastern Woodland SedgeEastern Woodland Sedge
Carex comosa Comosa SedgeComosa Sedge
Carex conjuncta Soft Fox SedgeSoft Fox Sedge
Carex cristatella Cristatella SedgeCristatella Sedge
Carex davisii Davis' Sedge/Awned Graceful SedgeDavis' Sedge/Awned Graceful Sedge
Carex frankii Bristly Cattail SedgeBristly Cattail Sedge
Carex gracillima Graceful SedgeGraceful Sedge
Carex hystericina Porcupine SedgePorcupine Sedge
Carex jamesii James' SedgeJames' Sedge
Carex lacustris Common Lake SedgeCommon Lake Sedge
Carex lurida Bottlebrush Sedge/Sallow SedgeBottlebrush Sedge/Sallow Sedge
Carex muskingumensis Swamp SedgeSwamp Sedge
Carex radiata Eastern Star Wood SedgeEastern Star Wood Sedge
Carex rosea Curly Wood SedgeCurly Wood Sedge
Carex sartwellii Running Marsh SedgeRunning Marsh Sedge
Carex shortiana Short's SedgeShort's Sedge
Carex sparganioides Bur-reed SedgeBur-reed Sedge
Carex sprengelii Long-beaked SedgeLong-beaked Sedge
Carex stipata Awl-fruited SedgeAwl-fruited Sedge
Carex stricta Tussock SedgeTussock Sedge
Carex tribuloides Bristlebract Sedge/Blunt Broom SedgeBristlebract Sedge/Blunt Broom Sedge
Carex vulpinoidea Fox SedgeFox Sedge
Ceanothus americanus New Jersey TeaNew Jersey Tea
Coreopsis lanceolata Lanceleaf TickseedLanceleaf Tickseed
Coreopsis palmata Prairie TickseedPrairie Tickseed
Dalea purpurea Purple Prairie CloverPurple Prairie Clover
Deschampsia caespitosa Tufted Hair GrassTufted Hair Grass
Doellingeria umbellata Flat Top AsterFlat Top Aster
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