The main goal of LandscapeHub is to streamline estimating, sourcing, pricing, and receipt of top-quality plants and landscape materials throughout the entire marketplace. The platform, itself, handles most of the work, allowing easy quote building with transparent options from multiple suppliers along the way.

For businesses without a dedicated purchasing agent, LandscapeHub essentially becomes the purchasing agent or adds that functionality for sole proprietors. Using the platform is like having an extra set of hands and everyone in this industry could use an extra set of hands.

Support for Purchasing Agents

This year we’ve introduced White Glove Service from LandscapeHub, which makes a huge difference for larger companies with purchasing agents juggling multiple projects. With this service, a LandscapeHub representative will enter and build the quote within the LandscapeHub platform for the purchaser, generating the most efficient, cost-effective plan for procuring plants and landscape materials for the job. White Glove Service is a purchasing agent’s best friend; it’s like hiring an assistant for the agent without actually hiring an assistant. This service optimizes owner/operator spending while allowing the purchasing agent to maximize their time, dramatically cutting turnaround time from the initial estimate to purchase order.

Flexibility in Workflow

LandscapeHub can work with information delivered from purchasing agents in a variety of forms. From a typed list to scribbles on a napkin, to a blueprint, we can take a plant list in a fairly raw form and create a quote and generate an order quickly with the best plants at the best price with optimized shipping if delivery is required.  We can even work with an architect’s site plan, using our knowledgeable industry staff to generate takeoffs and a materials list within 24 hours.

Optimized Shipping and Advantageous Terms

Sometimes you can locate everything you need, but there’s no way to aggregate the shipping to make it economically feasible for your job. Our White Glove Service coordinates  all the shipping, comparing quotes to ensure the most competitive rates. Material is then shipped to job sites or yards, and as soon as it is dropped off, LandscapeHub bills with flexible terms for qualified buyers. No more managing invoices from five or six different nurseries and trucking companies.

Quality Control in Sourcing

We understand that many projects require specimen quality, large, or hard to find material. With our bird’s-eye view of the marketplace and experience working with sourcing and purchasing, we can locate and help tag material (virtually via photos or in person) to assure quality. Because our staff has worked in procurement for decades, we can also suggest and source proper substitutions when a plant is not available in the needed quantity.

When quantity is an issue — you’re not finding the quantity you need on the platform — with White Glove Service we can work with our contacts to often locate the material from outside our network and consolidate it into the fewest deliveries possible, or we can, with enough notice, set up custom grows for the material.

Help is Here

If you’ve been wanting to give LandscapeHub a try, but weren’t sure if the platform would help streamline procurement for large orders, give our White Glove Service a try. It’s a great way to become familiar with LandscapeHub while building efficiency into your process.