Did you see the video of the lunar eclipse last Friday? I was mesmerized watching the live stream of the event on NASA’s site. To view the sun, Earth, and moon all line up in the same plane—perfectly—was just astonishing to watch. It got me thinking all weekend about cycles, seasons, systems, and networks working together.

For our industry, we are dependent and driven by the seasons. And for centuries, the go-to resource for planning was the Farmer’s Almanac, which records and predicts the weather forecasts, planting charts, and astronomical data. Our predecessors relied upon that resource each and every season for insight. Today, many still reference the almanac for insight but with technology like LandscapeHub, we now have access to data to help plan and predict inventory. As we start to wind down our first spring/summer seasons, I am eager to publish that data in an industry report from LandscapeHub that will hopefully come to be an invaluable resource for all of you.

Well, the summer season sure kept us busy during July! We also moved offices, enjoyed the Fourth of July holiday, and passed the one-year mark as a company! As part of our anniversary celebrations, we highlighted the people that got us to where we are today, such as our first-ever supplier to the platform, Kankakee Nursery. Our month of activity continued into last week as we revealed our brighter look and logo. And just yesterday, we announced the addition of Canadian supplier, Sheridan Nurseries, to our network of over 100 suppliers. All the while, our Ops team has been working tirelessly, Market Managers have been out meeting with buyers and suppliers, and our Tech team has been updating the platform to further enhance the experience for users.

I have a feeling the month of August is going to go swiftly for all of us, as we savor our final days of summer and prepare for the next season: fall. Here at LandscapeHub, our sights are set on further growth to better connect our industry. The team and I will be traveling a lot and exhibiting at the following trade shows: the Independent Garden Center show at Navy Pier, from August 14-16  and then the following week out at the Far West Show in Portland, Oregon from August 22-24. Stop by our booth to say hello and grab some of our new swag!

In anticipation for the fall season, we already have two bulb suppliers on the site, and inventory is up-to-date and available. For all our buyers, my hope is you’ve enjoyed your experience with LandscapeHub thus far. If you have yet to join, give it a try! It is free to sign up and free to use. Simply select Join LandscapeHub to get started.

I am confident the system of LandscapeHub and the network that we are building will create a stronger, more connected industry for all of us. Thank you for your continued support & trust in me and my team.