As a landscape supplier, what’s the biggest thing that’s holding you back from reaching more customers? Even if you had access to customers outside of your immediate area, do you worry about how you’ll get the goods to your customers? That’s a legitimate concern for any business.

The landscape supply business makes it even more complex because you're shipping living plants and flowers. It’s not as easy as boxing them up and sending them out the door as it is with many consumer goods.

Regardless of the size of your operation, you are probably still limited on delivery capabilities. You may have dedicated staff that is in charge of getting orders out to customers. So, to be able to scale this would seem almost impossible.

However, you still want to grow your business and reach more buyers. If your geography is limiting your abilities or you just don’t know how to cure your shipping worries, it’s time to consider selling on a landscape supply marketplace.

How a Landscape Supply Marketplace Takes Care of Logistics

What if all you had to do was have a product in stock for it to be purchased? That probably sounds like a dream come true. After all, you aren’t a shipping expert—your expertise is on growing and delivering the highest quality product to your customers.

A landscape supply marketplace is an online platform that lets you show buyers what you have in stock in real-time. They can purchase from you directly on the platform. What happens next is no longer your worry!

A landscape supply marketplace will coordinate all the logistics from pick-up to delivery. Because they understand how to move product quickly and effectively, it’s much easier for them to take care of getting the product from you to your seller.

This means you can expand beyond your limited metro area and sell to landscape design firms all over the country. You have the right product at the right price. That’s what will matter to the customer—not where you are and how they’ll receive their goods.

You Won’t Lose Your Profits

You may think this sounds a bit too good to be true; that there must be a catch or that you’ll lose much of your profit by allowing a marketplace to handle shipping for you. Platforms do receive a percentage of your sales but not to your detriment.

The goal of a marketplace is to create a truly integrated network of suppliers and buyers so that suppliers can grow their business and buyers can have more options. It has to be a win-win for all parties. It’s true that moving product does come with a cost, but through careful strategy and experience, marketplaces have learned how to make it work.

Your Product On-Time and Even Last Minute

Your product arrives when expected and in the condition in which it left. You don’t have to worry about the reliability or dependability of the shipping agent. A marketplace is working to keep both buyers and sellers happy and exceed expectations whenever possible. That means they have to be there on time.

As you know, landscape design can be a last-minute type of business. The designer’s customers may change their mind at the last minute or any other of hundreds of things that can happen when working on a job can lead to an eleventh hour purchase.

That buyer doesn’t have to be tied to only their local suppliers, even on a short turnaround. They can still use the marketplace to find the best product that can arrive on time. This creates a better outcome for the end user, landscape design firm, and suppliers.

Other Benefits of Landscape Supply Marketplaces

The ability to worry less about shipping is only one reason why these marketplaces are so popular and effective. It’s really a new way to look at your business. First, you, of course, get exposed to so many buyers you’d never reach otherwise. There’s no marketing spend or strategy needed on your part. You simply need to have the products they want in the quantity needed.

When a buyer searches for a certain plant that you stock, you’ll be in the results. This data will represent the accurate real-time quantity you have as well. No surprises here—that’s the power of the platform.

The platform also acts as a payment processor. So, you don’t have to worry about invoicing or chasing down customers looking for payment. You’ll receive prompt payment as soon as the products are delivered to the customer.

What Does a Landscape Marketplace Cost?

The final question you may have is what does all this cost? As discussed earlier, marketplaces are meant to bring together buyers and sellers for mutual benefit. A marketplace isn’t trying to undercut your profits. Choose a platform that doesn’t require an onboarding or listing fee because you shouldn’t have to pay just to be in the marketplace.

Instead, choose a platform that only charges you a transaction fee based on what you sell. You can consider this fee a cost of goods because it only happens when you make a sale. Additional things like marketing, quoting, order processing, and logistics don’t increase the cost.

Your best choice is LandscapeHub, the landscape supply marketplace leader. You’ll receive all the logistics support you need and so many other benefits. Find out how to join today.