Trends come and go and are often influenced by a variety of outside elements. With landscape design, trends have much to do with lifestyle changes, like the desire for outdoor areas to become outdoor living spaces.

Other trends may be reflective of what’s popular in interior design and architecture. Let’s look at some exciting trends for 2019 and decide which ones you’d like to incorporate into your next landscape project.

Creating the Ultimate Outside Living Space

Homeowners are now tempted to redesign backyards into the perfect oasis and living area. Consider it a staycation spot. There are many possibilities when considering how to make outdoor spaces more livable, including “dividing” certain areas as if they were rooms.

There could be a kitchen, dining room, or living room vibe that are all connected yet different. The best way to create a “room” effect is to create barriers with flowers, potted plants, hedges, or small trees.

Each “room” could also have a central feature like a fire pit or water effect. Once you have your focal point and boundaries, the space will need comfortable furniture and lighting. For the kitchen area, you’ll want a grill, countertop space, built-in small refrigerator, sound system, and maybe even a pizza oven.

Private, Secluded Spots

A small retreat within a larger garden feels like a private getaway. Creating a quiet spot to relax, read, or meditate is becoming very popular.

Whether a homeowner wants a dedicated outdoor yoga space with quiet surroundings or spa-inspired space to rejuvenate after a long day, the garden is a great place to find your way to nirvana.

Here are some ideas on creating a retreat:

  • Install a simple water feature
  • Surround it with lush plants
  • Add an arbor or pergola to mimic an overhead enclosure
  • Construct a wall to separate a small area from the rest of the landscape
  • Use tall, narrow plants as a privacy screen
  • Introduce a sense of serenity with a neutral color palette

Notable First Impressions

A beautiful front yard is great for curb appeal. It’s also a happy reminder to homeowners every time they return home. There are some new and creative ways to create an impactful first impression. Here are a few to mention to customers that are looking for a dramatic front yard.

Take a look at these ideas for inspiration:

  • Insert seasonal containers
  • Plant scented plants along an entry pathway
  • Create lighting for the path to the front door for safety and drama
  • Incorporate flowers that go well with the color of your front door
  • Put plants in crevices or between stones within walkways for more visual interest

Unique Pavers

Pavers are a great way to make your walkways safe—even for high heels. However, they don’t have to be traditional. For spaced pavers, using a tone-matched aggregate or polymeric filler will make the area comfortable to traverse in any footwear, even bare feet.

You can fill in the areas where the pavers aren’t with rocks that match it in color for a more homogeneous look.


Water has long been a sign of tranquility in a landscape, but the water feature that’s number one for 2019 is the waterfall. The sound of falling water is a sweet one for many. Plus, running water is an immediate attention-getter. You don’t have to be thinking huge—even the smallest waterfall is effective.

Be sure to include a sitting area near the waterfall, so that homeowners can enjoy it.

Contemporary Green Spaces

Contemporary literally means “of the moment,” so in this context, it means combining some of the best trends. This means straight lines and neutral colors for tile or furniture. The “room” created or sitting area should have a variety of greenery with pops of color that best complement the house.

You should also incorporate a water or fire feature for the most striking spaces.

Finally, being able to do this in a sustainable manner will be a high priority for homeowners.

Fountains and Flowers

Besides rushing waterfalls, fountains are big again in 2019. These fountains can be simple or ornate, depending on the homeowner’s style. What makes them even more beautiful is to surround the fountain with bright flowers of different lengths.

On-Trend Pots and Baskets

Pots and hanging baskets are great for perimeters as discussed earlier. The type of pots you recommend to homeowners matters as well. Stay with colors like grays, whites, blues, and greens, which are technically neutral. The color should really come from what you put in them.

There are lots of modern looking pots and baskets out there that don’t look anything like a traditional garden and they will look stunning in almost any landscape. Try to mimic the style of the outdoor furniture and exterior of the house for cohesion.

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