Wondering what all the buzz is about with LandscapeHub? Looking to learn more about it? I’ve captured some of the most common questions we encounter and compiled answers below. Take a look:

Question: What is LandscapeHub?
Answer: LandscapeHub is a new website connecting wholesale buyers with a network of suppliers to buy and sell products. We are building an online landscape supply marketplace for the nursery and landscape green industry.

Question: Who created LandscapeHub?
Answer: The idea of LandscapeHub first came to mind for Lisa Fiore, a fourth-generation nursery and landscape industry leader from Illinois, a few years ago. She grew up in the industry and when she was leading her family’s distribution center, she saw an opportunity to bring a more connected supply chain together with technology. She and the LandscapeHub team are now leading the digital transformation of our industry.

Question: Why did you create this site?
Answer: This is an opportune time for our industry us to be proactive and stimulate growth. A site that connects all of us—buyers and suppliers—will ensure a stronger, more profitable future for all of us.

Question: As a buyer, who can I buy from on the site (suppliers)?
Answer: Buyers currently have access to products provided by 100+ suppliers on the site with representation in 14 states. The suppliers—include nurseries, distributors, quarries, manufacturers, and brokers—publish their inventories and pricing onto the platform, thus enabling buyers to source, quote, and build orders with multiple suppliers from one platform.

Question: How does LandscapeHub impact me in my role (buyer)?
Answer: When interacting—directly or indirectly—with a customer, we want to be serving their needs. You now will have immediate information and options at your fingertips with LandscapeHub. All communications will have up-to-date information for your customers/potential customers when working with you on jobs. You can be more efficient and informed with your order information from LandscapeHub.

Question: How is the site organized?
Answer: LandscapeHub standardized the naming conventions for plants for ease of use for the buyer and seamless integration of all supplier’s inventories. Buyers and suppliers now have a digital source for product information, procurement and fulfilment tools, supply chain visibility, and market data and insights. Providing supply chain visibility and market data is especially critical, as it can help identify trends and improve product forecasting. LandscapeHub uniquely serves and benefits both sides of the marketplace.

Question: As a supplier, what does this mean for our existing customers?
Answer: Your existing customers can now purchase your products directly from you or online at LandscapeHub. Nothing has changed in the way you do business with them—you are providing more options to them; while gaining the opportunity to have **new customers **with this digital sales channel.

Question: How does LandscapeHub support my growth?
Answer: It unifies you within the LandscapeHub network, and positions you and your company as part of the digital transformation that is happening in our industry. As a buyer, you will save valuable time by being more efficient. As a supplier, LandscapeHub keeps you at the forefront of customer’s minds, to communicate your value and to create a positive perception about your digital participation and innovation.

Join LandscapeHub today. You’ll gain access to over 100 suppliers, ready to offer you access to the products you need. Explore what’s possible with more options for materials this spring.