Ready to create a winter wonderland? It’s time to celebrate the season and that means decking the halls, inside and outside. When it comes to holiday decorations on the outside, you’ll want to include some sparkling lights.

There are lots of ways to adorn your home and outdoor space. Placing lights all around can be a big endeavor. You may also need some inspiration to get started. We’ve gathered some festive ideas that you can try out.

Create a Cheery Front Door

Garland is always a fun decoration for the holidays with its rich green color. Find faux garland that already contains lights, or add small white lights. Wrap around your front door and add a matching wreath to tie it all together.

Use Shaped Lights

Star string lights add a bit of whimsy to wherever you place them. Run them along your outdoor living space to create a special space. You can also use them along your porch or back deck. Find lights that have a twinkle mode for a really starry night.

Go Multi-Color

If you like a bit more color with your lights, choose LED mini multi-color strings of lights. With colored lights, you want to make sure that they don’t clash with anything else. These lights would look great placed around any trees in the front or back.

An Enchanting Forest

Find prelit “trees” for your front yard to create a magical forest scene. You can add these around other real trees or place them in your outdoor living space to complement the atmosphere.

Lantern Lights

Try some classic lanterns to decorate your front porch. These light sources have a very nostalgic feel, and with new LED lights, the lantern flame looks genuine. You could also add these to side tables for more glow.

Laser Lights

If you don’t want to spend time attaching lights around the outside of your home and scaling ladders, consider garden laser lights. You simply point the single laser light toward your house, and you’ll see a moving pattern of green and red twinkles. You can even control it via remote.

Taper Candles

It’s traditional to set these inside at each window, but LED taper candles can be part of outdoor decor, too. Place them on outdoor tables. Depending on how wide your porch railings are, you may be able to set them there as well.

Light Up Reindeers and Other Holiday Characters

Reindeer are a popular decoration for front lawns. When you light them up, they’ll be a more focal point at night. Reindeer are just one idea. Consider snowmen, Santa or other winter characters.

A New Twist on Luminary Bags

Line your walkways with battery-operated plastic luminary bags. The welcoming glow will guide guests inside or around your backyard. By using these plastic bags with LED lights, you won’t have to worry about hazards or weather ruining them.

Icicle Lights

Nothing says the holidays like classic icicle lights. Add depth and dimension to your holiday light show with these fun string lights. Even if you don’t have a snowy holiday, you can still give your home a taste of the winter wonderland.

Old-Fashioned Bulbs

Remember those huge bulbs from your childhood? These are an LED version so the lights don’t heat up. Plus, they consume a lot less energy, so your energy bills won’t skyrocket. You can place these big lights anywhere on the outside such as railings, trees or the front door.

Moravian Stars

Hang Moravian stars along your porch or deck for a festive feeling. These multi-point stars are lightweight, so you don’t need much to hang them; however, most are durable enough to withstand windy days. Feel free to leave these up throughout the winter.

Another great way to use these stars is to hang them from a tree. You’ll need a tree with lots of limbs and of considerable size for the stars to look balanced.

Light Up Your Shrubs or Hedges

If you have a series of shrubs or hedges in the front of your home, add some dazzle to them with LED string lights. By lighting these parts of the landscape, you can frame the front of the house to show off your front porch or door decor.

Lighting Small Trees

It may seem super easy to light up small trees since most trees will have lost their leaves. However, drape them carefully to create the right shape. For a more symmetrical look, create a specific stopping point along each of the trees that are near one another.

Even if you have a variety of heights, when you light them all consistently, the scene will be more organically balanced.

Lawn Art

You can find a variety of lighted lawn art like oversized ornaments. You can put these in to replace your current pathway lights. Another idea is to place them strategically in your yard for a very merry spectacle.

There are so many ways to add holiday lighting to the outdoors. Enjoy these tips for dazzling displays of wonder.