LandscapeHub just passed an important threshold: the one-year mark as a company!

Last year at this time, we were launching our MVP (minimum viable product) with five suppliers and ten buyers. The site was super clunky, but users were still excited to pioneer it. I now think back to the site’s early functionality and cringe! But under the guidance of our CTO Chad Cooper (who has done this before), I was assured on how important it was to get a product to market quickly-even if it wasn’t fully finished or polished-because getting user feedback was critical to building a platform that brings value to its users. I was beyond nervous, but I trusted his expertise.

When I filed the articles of incorporation, I remember feeling an influx of emotions: elation, doubt, anticipation, pride, fear, curiosity, and anxiety. I knew in my head and heart I had a good idea but building it was going to be dependent upon something else: YOU

Each and every one of you brought the idea of LandscapeHub to life:

  • the employees who took a leap of faith to join the team
  • the investors who believe in what we are trying to accomplish
  • the 100+ suppliers who participate in our network
  • the 1100+ buyers who now search, quote and purchase materials online

Without all of you, there would be no LandscapeHub. It would have just remained a vision-a thought-an idea. I wish I had special words to convey the magnitude of my appreciation but the words that capture it best are Thank You. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support, belief, and trust in me.

Throughout the journey of this year, the predominating feeling has been immense gratitude for the opportunity to lead LandscapeHub. I love this industry and believe in the digital transformation our solution can bring to everyone. Our product road map is now more defined based on users’ feedback, and we look forward to more exciting build-outs in the coming months.

So, today, the fact of us being “one” goes beyond simply LandscapeHub celebrating one year as a company. It means that we are one LandscapeHub-a network built by those who believe in a stronger, more connected nursery and landscape industry through digitization.

Onward and upward-together!


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