Wondering how the ordering process works with LandscapeHub? Take a look at these three easy steps when placing an order online with us.

The invoicing and payment process is just as quick & easy: here is how the process works with LandscapeHub:

  1. The suppliers invoice LandscapeHub after every pickup/delivery.

  2. The buyers then receive an invoice from LandscapeHub upon pickup/delivery of their order.

  3. In order to pay LandscapeHub, buyers can use ACH, credit cards, or apply for terms.

  4. Suppliers then receive prompt payment from LandscapeHub.

We created a Q&A blog post with some of the standard questions we receive. Should you have any additional questions about joining or using LandscapeHub, email us at info@landscapehub.com We’ll be happy to help talk through the LandscapeHub process with you!

Join LandscapeHub today. As a buyer, you’ll gain access to over 100 suppliers, ready to provide you with the products you need. As a supplier, you’ll expand your reach and increase profitability. Explore what’s possible with an online marketplace for our industry.