Innovative fulfillment options available to green goods buyers

One stop shopping for green goods buyers in the Mid-Atlantic just got easier thanks to our new LandscapeHub Fulfillment Partner, Manor View Farm. Now customers can source, pay, schedule delivery, and pick up products for entire projects - even projects with multiple suppliers - using a single online ordering system and pickup location.

“With the addition of Manor View Farm as a Fulfillment Partner, LandscapeHub is able to offer immense savings in efficiency for ordering and pickup (or delivery) for our Mid-Atlantic customers,” says Lisa Fiore, Founder & CEO of LandscapeHub. “I’ve worked with Manor View for years and could not be more impressed with their attention to detail, quality of product, and determination to continue innovating to meet the changing needs of the green industry. I look forward to growing together with them.”

Top-of-the-Line Quality and Service

All LandscapeHub suppliers and Fulfillment Partners are carefully vetted before being welcomed into the supplier network. Manor View Farm has exceptional qualifications.

“Their delivery process and customer service are top-of-the-line and they bring great product to the table,” says Will Haverkamp, Market Manager for LandscapeHub. “They also see the need to shift the ways they do business by digitizing processes and offering online ordering to make it easier for their customers to do business.”

Manor View Farm is not an ordinary supplier. That’s by design says Alan Jones, co-owner of Manor View Farm. “Because we are involved with a number of aspects of the business, we see the needs of growers, landscapers, and landscape architects and can think big picture. Our goal is to ‘go the extra mile’ and provide excellent service, from our growers to our delivery drivers.”

Innovative Fulfillment

Being willing and able to adapt is key to serving their customers, says Jones. “Customer needs have changed as the market has grown more competitive. We are delivering a lot more to landscape job sites as opposed to landscape holding yards, so we’ve experimented with our vehicles. We’ve added smaller trucks that can navigate city streets to our fleet, and modified our processes to get product to sites on time, even with the major traffic in the metro areas we serve.”

Expanded Availability

Manor View Farm has carefully cultivated an extensive network locally and around the United States to access additional material for customers, including:

  • Special products
  • Larger finished sizes
  • Plants not grown in the area
  • 100 acres of Field Production

As a Fulfillment Partner, their decades of relationship building are available to all LandscapeHub customers.

Industry Education

In addition to supplying product to different market segments, Manor View Farm boasts a decades-long commitment to industry education. “We will host our 20th education seminar in 2019 with outside and international speakers,” says Jones.

This year’s slate of speakers includes Tony Dove, Karl Gercens, Fergus Garrett, and Heather Zindash. Participants can receive CEU credits for APLD, ASLA, CPH, and pesticide license certifications.

A Competitive Edge

Jones says that with the generational change taking place in the green industry, there is an increased demand for digital efficiencies.

“We are always trying to see what the next thing will be, stay competitive with new technology, and do things better for our customers. We have a younger crew here and LandscapeHub fits with how they’re used to working,” he says.

“I’ve known Lisa Fiore for a number of years, and when she approached us, we were intrigued. Her experience and knowledge of the industry lend much more credibility to the project than if someone with no experience had started from scratch.”

Together, Manor View Farm and LandscapeHub will help green industry businesses remain competitive in today’s changing marketplace.

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