When a business consistently delivers quality product in a timely manner, regardless of the economic winds swirling around and threatening to disrupt supply, it gets a reputation.

Christensen’s Plant & Hardscape Centers has a reputation for outstanding direct ship and pickup service as a green good and hard good supplier in the greater Detroit, northern Indiana, and northern Ohio markets. Now, as an official fulfillment partner, LandscapeHub users have the opportunity to tap into Michigan-based Christensen’s stellar reputation.

Jeremy Schultz, LandscapeHub Market Manager for Michigan and Ohio, is excited for what this partnership offers LandscapeHub customers. “This instantly broadens the network available to our buyers.” He says, “The ability to combine orders from various markets to a singular market in aggregate with other buyers will add convenience and cost savings, particularly when it comes to shipping.”

Christensen’s also offers a variety of hard goods, including pavers and accessories, retaining wall materials, pond supplies, landscape lighting, and more. “They’re basically a one-stop shop,” says Schultz.

Clint Rasch, Commercial Project Salesman for Christensen’s, has worked with the business for a little over two years. “We’re well-established in this market — in business since 1924.  We have a broad network and good purchasing power. Even when I worked for a competitor, I saw that Christensen’s staff was a pleasure to work with and very friendly.” He says that thanks to  their long-standing reputation and history, “We tend to get the first call when something happens in the nursery marketplace.”

Deep inventories, digital availability

Providing enough quality product, sometimes on short notice, has remained a high priority for Christensen’s. That’s been proven time and again, even as shortages in goods such as trees (a fallout from the 2008 recession) continue to occur.

“I have the LandscapeHub tab open constantly to check market availability,” Rasch says.  “It’s an unbelievably good tool to help new purchasers get up to speed and to see order history — when and where something was purchased, and the price.”

In Rasch’s experience, wholesale purchasers are looking for good purchase orders, high-quality inventory, and the ability to pick up orders daily.  But it takes size and a network to be able to offer that.

Christensen’s is noted for top-notch, deep inventories. “If someone calls and says ‘I need 300-400 of this,’ we can generally fill that order.” Christensen’s has a sister company with 160 acres of nursery stock. “If we don’t have it, they might.”

The combined availability plus a large supplier network are now available to LandscapeHub buyers in the Detroit-area market.

Growing a great relationship

In the fall of 2018, Christensen’s and LandscapeHub partnered for a joint digital marketing campaign which let Christensen’s customers know about LandscapeHub’s online marketplace and ordering tools. They plan to continue the campaign this spring.

Eric Joy, Sales Manager for Christensen’s, is excited to see the results. About partnering with LandscapeHub, he says, “As a nursery, you’re going to either sell with them or compete against them, so why would you opt out if you don’t know what the opportunity is?”

LandscapeHub is thrilled that Christensen’s Plant & Hardscape Centers is a Fulfillment Partner, and looks forward to working with everyone there to open new opportunities for buyers and suppliers at all levels of the supply chain.

Interested in becoming a LandscapeHub partner? Contact us today!