Do you feel like if you look up “a wild ride” in the dictionary, your picture would be right next to it? I sure do. 2018 was full of excitement, tremendous growth, and meeting wonderful people in the green industry.

Even though it had its ups and downs, as 2018 comes to a close, I have one word on my mind: gratitude.

We formally announced LandscapeHub at the iLandscape show in Chicago in January 2018. We were all super pumped to show buyers and suppliers the tools we had created to help streamline the ordering and fulfillment process for growers, landscapers, and designers, and they were excited about the concept of LandscapeHub.

Early cheerleaders, I’m so grateful for your enthusiasm.

Fast forward to our first big spring. (It seems like life itself is in perpetual fast-forward, doesn’t it?) We dove right in with many excited users and a relatively raw site. That’s how it goes with a new e-commerce model: you develop proof of concept, get a viable platform up and running, and take off. We did our absolute best to keep up with demand from excited buyers and sellers. As you can imagine, the first spring presented a huge learning curve for everyone involved.

Early adopters, I’m so grateful for your patience.

As the season progressed, we started growing our team and responding to helpful and oh-so-gracious feedback from our early adopters. I have been absolutely humbled by the warm reception and welcome of LandscapeHub into the industry. I know now that buyers and suppliers are as excited as I am to make the supply chain operate more smoothly, making us all more efficient and profitable.

For everyone who took the time to call or email us with feedback, I’m grateful for your support and your insight to help us make LandscapeHub better for you.

Looking Ahead to 2019

Thanks to everyone’s feedback during 2018, we’ve made huge strides in iterating the LandscapeHub platform into an even more useful tool for plant buyers and suppliers.

Since our spring 2018 launch, we have:

  • Added fulfillment partners that work with multiple upstream suppliers in every market where we’ve launched
  • Launched hard good sourcing on LandscapeHub to further ordering efficiency for buyers
  • Created new channels for suppliers to reach buyers in their markets

Here’s what I’m looking forward to in 2019:

  • Easy-to-use dashboards to help with ordering and account management
  • New tools to facilitate communication directly between buyers and sellers and for managing information flow around specific projects
  • Innovative new fulfillment options
  • Integrating LandscapeHub with industry-leading estimating software programs

And (as a little peek behind the curtain), I want to share that I get phone calls, almost weekly, from developers within the industry who are creating new technology and solutions that will make a huge difference in the supply chain. Although the industry is deeply rooted in tradition, I’m continually blown away by the innovation happening in every corner of our market. The future looks bright—for everyone.

Again, Thank You

We started LandscapeHub with the vision to help family businesses survive. In fact, it started because I was trying to figure out a way to help my own family business survive, and because I witnessed so many other family-owned nurseries struggling during the 2008 recession.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to build out LandscapeHub into everything I know it can be. We’re not there yet. We have a long way to go, but the promise of what it can do is so powerful.

For your faith in LandscapeHub, I’m grateful.

Here’s to a promising 2019 for all of us in the green industry!

Lisa Fiore
Founder & CEO