LandscapeHub: WHAT & WHY

This is for sure the latest start of a spring season I have witnessed in my twenty years in the industry. While I always anticipate the busy season, none more so that this first year with LandscapeHub.

LandscapeHub is a website for businesses to buy and sell landscape materials. It was founded with the belief that a better way exists for our industry. I grew up—and started my career—within my family’s distribution company, Fiore Nursery & Landscape Supply. I learned and witnessed first-hand the pain points for both the buyer and supplier. In the fall of 2016, while on a company retreat, we had the idea to build a tool to help us buy plants and product. The more we thought about it, the more we realized the tool could be a resource for everyone within the industry.

Very quickly, the brainstorming process of this being simply a buying tool evolved into so much more. We soon realized it could be a hub; a central place for everyone in our industry. It could help them buy & sell product and to find relevant industry information that is standardized. It could provide product information, procurement and fulfillment tools, supply chain visibility, and market data and insights.

The supply chain in our industry lacks transparency. I came to realization that I was not building a tool to help FNLS, I was building a tool to help everyone within the supply chain. Last year, I made the difficult choice to step down from the family business to start a new company. I joined forces with Ed Rockhilland Chad Cooper to further explore what was possible for our industry. What we ideated on is now fully realized today as LandscapeHub: an online marketplace connecting buyers and suppliers. It is the first end-to-end solution for our industry. Our vision was to create a way for buyers to have visibility into where their products are coming from. For the suppliers, it would serve as a way to reach new buyers and markets—while expanding their existing business and online presence. There are a multitude of roles that we had in mind when envisioning LandscapeHub and how it could improve the day-to-day operations for people. Our mission is and always will be to improve the lives of green industry professionals.

These are just a few of the people we built LandscapeHub for:

  • the small grower whose family has been in business for five decades
  • the landscape company that wants to take their business to the next level
  • the traditional distributor who is intimidated by the changing market
  • the new landscape architect who just graduated from school
  • the manufacturer who is searching for a new sales channel
  • the buyer looking to add even more value to their organization
  • the supplier who is seeking a new way to compete “those big guys” in their market

Remember: LandscapeHub is merely the platform. Each one of you is essential to fostering the connections within our industry. Ultimately, LandscapeHub will be doing one fundamental thing: optimizing our industry for the future.

As we embark on our very first spring, we have over 900 buyers and 100 suppliers from across the country connected on LandscapeHub. Here at LandscapeHub HQ, the emotion our entire team feels this first spring is pride… pride to be able to help people be more efficient with their time and resources. My hope is that you’ll join us on this journey.

Join LandscapeHub today. You’ll gain access to almost 100 suppliers, ready to offer you access to the products you need. Explore what’s possible with more options for materials this spring.