Have you been wondering about landscape design trends? Just like any creative endeavor, there will always be trends. From water features to contemporary design, there are lots of ideas to take advantage of in your next design.

Every customer is different but these trends can serve just about any taste and design aesthetic. There is sure to be something for every space and to live up to every client’s preferences. Take a look at these 2018 landscape design trends and experience inspiration.

Water Features

The idea of combining water and plants into a cool feature is certainly on trend right now. Consider integrating little waterfalls or ponds. Homeowners love the idea of running water in their backyard oasis.

There may be challenges associated with water features. Be sure to understand exactly how it will change the landscape and include plants that will thrive around water.

Keep it relatively small in relation to the total size of the property. It can be the focal point, but to keep it manageable and easy to maintain, smaller is better.

Local Favorites

While some may want the most exotic plants they can find, this trend has taken a step back in favor of local plants. Plants that are native to a certain area should do well in the environment. It’s also a way for homeowners to show off local charm right in their yard.

This can be a win for you, too, as local plants are more likely to be easy to source and could be priced more favorably.

Contemporary Designs

Contemporary is minimal and sleek. Instead of big, bushy and bright plants, this style leans toward simple, sculptural plants that are green or neutral. It’s a stunning way to line a walkway to the entrance or to bring a modern outdoor living space to life.

These more elegant lines and simple plant choices are being combined with other landscaping elements like white pavers, black rocks, and garden sculptures. The plants are part of the bigger picture of simplicity.

Trees Add Interest

Beyond just shrubs and flowers, trees are an essential part of landscape design. And, adding them in a courtyard or near a seating area offers shade. The height also balances the visual interest with smaller plants.

Choose trees that won’t grow too large, protecting the structures from possible damage in the future.

Blended Gardens

A garden that includes both edible plants and ornamentals is very popular right now. With different colors from both types of plants, it can be a beautiful site. These ornamentals may also help protect the edibles and serve as an alternative to turf.

Container Combinations

Along with what goes in the ground, most landscaping includes a variety of containers. Opt for plants that complement each other well and combine different colors and textures. A plant on its own may be lovely, but when paired with others within a pot, it can create a unique setting.

With lots of different container shapes, there are multiple options you can use to work with this trend. All the details will be worth the work.

Supporting Wildlife

There is currently a shortage of both bees and butterflies. Even birds are having a hard time as their natural territory continues to dwindle. Many homeowners want to make their landscape a place of refuge, choosing plants that are seed-producing and berry-bearing. They also are opting for plants that require fewer pesticides.

Landscaping as an Enclosure

Fences are usually the boundaries of a property. They have a purpose to keep things in or out. But not everyone wants a fence, opting instead to use landscaping as an enclosure. This approach uses lush plants to offer privacy while also creating an amazing aesthetic.

This may include trees that grow to a medium height, shrubs, or other flowering plants. In this trend, the plants don’t have to create a perfect perimeter. It’s more about how all the plants look together once assembled on the borders.

Tulip Fever

The National Garden Bureau chose tulips as the flower of the year. However, tulips don’t work in every situation. They are very attractive to wildlife so when used in less urban areas, they may get torn up. In urban areas, they will fare better. Tulips are available in a variety of colors and have a very simple design. They can work in a lot of applications.

Dog-Friendly Landscaping

Americans love their four-legged friends, and more of them are designing yards and landscaping to be canine-friendly. This may mean more grass for furry friends to play in.

These homeowners may also be concerned with only using plants that are safe for dogs. It’s not really a bunch of eccentric pet owners making these decisions. It’s a large part of the population. After all, dog owners spend billions on their pups every year. It’s only natural that attention extends to outdoor living spaces.

These are just some of the cool landscape design trends for 2018. Whatever design you try next, be sure to look for everything you need at LandscapeHub, an online marketplace for nursery and landscape buyers and suppliers.

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