To delve into who should use an online marketplace, you need only look at your current sourcing model. Does your current sourcing solution leave much to be desired? Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • You spend multiple hours a day chasing down hard to find plants or the quantity you need
  • Your pricing model for your customers is in disarray—it is nearly impossible to keep costs for any product fixed and now your margins are all over the place

These situations are holding you back from making more money, optimizing your time, and expanding your sales possibilities. An online marketplace has the ability to eliminate many of these worries. When you have access to more suppliers, who have all been vetted, you will be able to conduct much of your buying on a single platform. This also allows you to complete your projects sooner. Right now, searching for the products you need for a project can delay its beginning. And delays usually equal dollars wasted. Until you find what you need, your crew may be sidelined.  LandscapeHub gives you and your business optionality.

Sourcing Literally at Your Fingertips

Your horizons are fully open when you decide to join an online marketplace. You are now connected to suppliers you never would have known about before. By simply being on the platform, you’ll find pricing, availability, and logistics support in one place. No back and forth over the phone, or emailing with multiple vendors.

When what was once the biggest thorn in your side transforms into an advantage, that’s a good indication the change is worth being involved in. As a buyer, you may be concerned that you’ll have to pay extra fees on each transaction. That’s not the case with LandscapeHub. Buyers look at the price presented by the vendor and that’s the total cost.

What to Expect

When joining a marketplace, it’s fine to have high expectations. You should. Clear and transparent practices deliver a better experience. When you have the capability to see in real-time what’s available, you can revolutionize your business. When you know from the beginning of the transaction how your order will be fulfilled, the marketplace continues to answer your needs. Here is what else you should expect as a buyer on an online marketplace:

  • Assess the sources for the products you need by searching for those that have the availability and accessibility you require with ease
  • Increase your overall profitability as a result of transparency and an efficient quoting and ordering process
  • Get instant updates from suppliers about options and availability
  • Remove the pick-up and shipping hassles from your plate; the platform helps to schedule delivery, so your labor is at work on the project—not out on the road
Join LandscapeHub today. You’ll gain access to over 100 suppliers, ready to offer you access to the products you need. Explore what’s possible with more options for materials this spring.