Delivering quotes promptly to your clients is the essential first step in securing business. And, while requests for small jobs probably take less time, creating a large landscaping quote can become very time-consuming.

You shouldn’t have to spend more time on the actual quote than doing the job. But without a quick way to find out how to source product, it becomes a treasure hunt to find the materials you need and to quote them accurately.

If you’ve faced the challenges of large quotes before, there is a solution: an online marketplace. This type of digital platform allows you to look at suppliers, not just in your area, but also across the country. You have full visibility on the current availability and pricing with little effort. It’s a great tool to tackle large landscaping quotes quickly.

Large Quotes: Volume and Variety

Volume Quotes

It’s not just the volume of a quote that creates a challenge. If the quote calls for a lot of different products, then you’re faced with the issue of the availability of said product. When putting together a quote like this, use an online marketplace to check quantities from multiple sources.

You may find you can source all the product from one vendor if they have enough. Otherwise, you may have to call on multiple suppliers. This leads to more costs because you don’t have volume on your side. You may also be concerned with how you’ll get your materials. You can probably get some help from the platform, which can coordinate logistics. But you’ll need to roll that into your quote.

Variety Quotes

The other side of a large quote is where you have numerous products at different quantities. This type of quote is the one where, on your own, you’d be on the phone for hours just trying to find the product.

Enter the platform, which conveniently allows you to enter your products, and provide a quick turnaround on the quote for your client. You’ll also find that availability is updated in real-time from some suppliers, so you won’t have to consider if the number is accurate or not.

Another great feature of an online marketplace is that it standardizes the names of products. Suppliers’ offerings get mapped to the platform’s nomenclature so there’s no confusion over what’s available and what’s not.

Are Products from an Online Marketplace High Quality?

You may think that just because you’re viewing a product online that it may be of a lesser quality than you require. And that’s a genuine concern for any purchaser. However, on any reputable marketplace, suppliers are all vetted and verified. Suppliers want to provide quality product to maintain their reputation, and the online marketplace wants to bolster that supplier’s brand and reputation.

More Options Equal Better Margins

While you are focused on delivering a stunning and well-designed project for your customers, you also need it to be profitable. You may have turned down large projects before because you were unsure if you could source the product.

With help from an online marketplace to be more efficient in less time, you could see your profitability rise and your opportunity for bigger projects grow. These advantages help all parties in the landscaping ecosystem.

Suppliers offer their products to more buyers. Buyers can source quicker, build a large quote and then upon approval, place the order. Finally, your clients get a beautiful, quality project completed. It’s amazing how much technology can make processes easier and bring innovation to our industry.

Better Quoting Awaits

Now that you know how easy it is to complete a large quote on an online marketplace, it’s time to join one. LandscapeHub, designed by leaders in both the landscaping and technology industries, brings together buyers and sellers in a system that makes everything work better. With advanced quoting features, you’ll be able to receive your large quote in no time, with little effort. Just enter what you need and sourcing begins.

Once all items on your list have been entered, you’ll get the quote, and generate a PDF to share with a client. It’s the fastest way to get large landscaping quotes completed. So, next time a client calls with a big order, don’t worry, LandscapeHub is here to help.

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