What’s trimming your margins? There’s a good chance there are many factors. Changing prices, seasonality, and availability all equate to time-consuming product hunts—which can shrink your margins. It’s normal to worry about margins as many in the industry are given the delayed start to spring.

While you don’t necessarily have control over what’s currently impacting your margin, like the weather, you can focus on what you can control. If you’re stuck sourcing materials through manual, offline searching with few options and the ability to see pricing, this is the place to start.

Better sourcing enables better margins, not to mention greater productivity. Spend less time looking for products and have transparent pricing with a sourcing model such as an online landscape supply marketplace.

Technology Changes the Field

Technology is positively impacting every industry, including all aspects of the landscape supply chain: from designers to contractors; to nurseries and growers; to distributors to manufacturers. 

Most of us in the landscape businesses are still approaching the procurement process the good ol’ fashioned way. Whether it’s sifting through multiple availabilities, managing hand written invoices from vendors, or making multiple phone calls and or  in-person visits to your local suppliers, this inefficient way of buying products for your job can eat up most of an entire day.

Now, technology empowers the buyer with tools that dramatically streamline the procurement process. It opens up more options and opportunities.  You get to view product from your existing and preferred network of suppliers all in one place as well as discover new sources.

A Digital Resource for Sourcing

It seems everyone wears multiple hats of responsibilities these days. Sourcing for jobs can become a “to-do” for somebody that is already swamped with customer requests and getting jobs done in this already condensed spring season.

You and your team need tools to help you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to scale your operations. Using technology like an online landscape supply marketplace, allows you to buy from multiple sources, offers more automation, and a wider view of the process, without the need for more staff or costs.

Easy Procurement Workflows = Saved Time and Dollars

Do you consider your current buying process easy? How many steps does it take? What does the workflow look like? If the bulk of your time is spent running around hunting and procuring product, chances are your margins might be suffering.

Imagine being able to source, quote, and order on an online marketplace similar to the way you might purchase something as a gift in your personal life.

You’ll never have to look for an order form or a phone number. The technology that provides you access to multiple sources in one platform keeps everything in one spot. You’ll have visibility to price, customer service representatives available to you, and transparency across your sourcing activities.

This efficiency helps at billing time as well. You’ll know what you bought, when and from where, easily understanding the total material cost all in one uniform, standardized format.

Expand Your Horizons and Suppliers

The biggest factors limiting your ability to grow your business include too few suppliers, too little time, and tight budgets. All these things contribute to the pressure on your profit margins. You love what you do, but we need to make money in the process.

The technology available today allows you to login to a website, search for what you need, identify costs, quote, order, and track delivery.

When your pricing is so clearly defined, your quoting process is not only more accurate, but its more efficient.  And that means your margins should be easy to forecast.

You also don’t have to worry about quality since the suppliers listed on a landscape supply platform such as LandscapeHub have been vetted. And delivery options allow for direct supplier pick-ups and other shipping and fulfillment options. This means you can control costs and take one more thing off your list.

Cultivate Margins with More Options

When you use multiple suppliers and the latest technology, you gain visibility into how you source materials. You also have more time to focus on growing your business, serving your customers, keeping costs down,

Again, the long winter weather has impacted many in our industry. But many of the partners in our supplier network have been able to act as soon as the weather cleared, providing their inventory and decreasing delays for the buyers on the site to access.

Join LandscapeHub today. You’ll gain access to almost 100 suppliers, ready to offer you access to the products you need. Explore what’s possible with more options from suppliers for materials this spring.