You’ve decided that 2019 is the year to streamline fulfillment processes and you’ve joined LandscapeHub as a trusted and vetted supplier. You’re looking forward to new eyes on your products and welcoming new customers into the fold.

That’s only half the benefit you get from being part of LandscapeHub, though. It’s a big one — the marketing that LandscapeHub does brings in many new buyers for all listed suppliers — but you don’t want to miss out on the second big benefit:

Streamlining ordering and fulfillment for your existing customers.

A main reason we built LandscapeHub was to help suppliers, small and large, streamline fulfillment, for quotes, orders, and working with distributors. To take advantage of all LandscapeHub has to offer, and reclaim some time back in your day, you’ll want to help your new and existing customers order through LandscapeHub.

You might be thinking, “Well, I have to pay a transaction fee for anything sold through LandscapeHub, and I don’t have to do that if I fulfill for my existing customers offline.” That’s true, but then you have to spend even more time quoting and delivering product to existing customers “by hand." With a streamlined online process, you’ll more than make back any transaction costs.

“I’m in. Now what?”
Here’s the key to getting more orders through LandscapeHub:

You have to tell customers that they can order from you through LandscapeHub.

LandscapeHub works to recruit new buyers, but to see substantial benefits, you’ll need to encourage existing buyers to buy from the platform. You know that saying, “A rising tide lifts all boats?” It definitely applies here. More eyeballs on the site equal more sales for everyone.

Consider this scenario: Your customer who also buys from another supplier on the other side of the state goes online to LandscapeHub to place an order. While they’re getting a quote, they remember they need a few things from you, too. Voila! Another sale. Anything that makes it more convenient for people to order will increase order numbers.

But you have to tell customers they can order this way. It’s a sentiment worth repeating because it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking, “Oh, I put my availability online; orders will come rolling in.” Well, who better to order from you than customers who have already ordered from you? Customers who have embraced digital solutions will be overjoyed to know they can keep supporting your business and getting your quality product with a few clicks of a button.

Here’s How to Tell Them

Add a LandscapeHub badge to your website
If you have a section listing affiliations or logos, make sure the LandscapeHub logo is there and linked to the LandscapeHub website.

Create an online ordering page or link
Whether you want to add an entire page to your website or just a homepage “bucket” that directs customers to order online is up to you. With people using online ordering for just about everything else in their lives, the button, bucket, or landing page link will serve as a homing beacon. Your customers will go right for it and start ordering.

Place a link in your email signature
Your email signature is prime real estate for marketing! A simple call to action saying, “Order online from XXX nursery today” that’s linked to LandscapeHub will send buyers your direction.  You can also put a LandscapeHub banner in your email signature with the text “Order online from XXX nursery today” above it. Link both the text and the banner to LandscapeHub

Alert customers via email marketing that online ordering is available
There’s no better way to spread the word about online ordering than through email. If you have an availability list that gets emailed weekly, you can also include a link to order online. If you want to make a big push, plan one big announcement about online ordering before the start of the season. You can link to this video:, which will walk them through placing an order.

Go Old School: Send a Postcard
Why would you send a postcard to tell your customers you have online ordering available? For starters, it’s super simple to do. A postcard is a tangible reminder that someone can keep at their desk. It won’t get devoured by the inbox.

The bottom line is that LandscapeHub can help you substantially grow your bottom line, but only if customers know it’s available to them.