There are myths and misconceptions in any industry. But those very things you believe to be true could be seriously impacting your business. As a buyer, you have many factors that impact what you have access to, what price you’ll pay, and how you’ll get the materials. The problem is that myths about online landscape supply could be keeping you in a corner. It’s time to step out into the center and find better ways to source the products and materials you need to get the job done.

To help clear up any existing beliefs, we’re debunking the myths that could be holding you back. Get the full story and learn how you can improve your procurement process.

Myth One: You Can Only Buy from Suppliers in Your Area

How many suppliers do you currently have? Are they all basically right around the corner? While it’s fine to work with local suppliers, you may be pigeon-holing yourself. It’s easy to see why most landscapers would have this idea.

Plants are living things; it’s harder to get access to them when there are lots of miles in-between. But there are opportunities.

First, you should consider what other suppliers you could have access to outside your city, town, or region. You’ll find these sellers online. But you may be thinking that it’s too much work to find these places, get quotes and work out shipping. And you’re right — doing it on your own is time-consuming, plus you can’t be sure of the quality.

Enter an online marketplace. This type of platform brings buyers and sellers together in a neutral territory. Pricing is transparent, and sellers have been vetted by the marketplace. But how will you get your goods when they are 100 miles away?

You don’t have time to make that kind of trip. Marketplaces have a remedy for this as well, helping coordinate logistics so you don’t have to worry about it.

Myth Two: You’re Already Getting the Best Price

With local vendors, this might be true. It might be their best price, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best price in the market. If you limit your suppliers to only a handful, you’ll pay the price they set. Even if you purchase a large volume, you still may not have any negotiating power.

Since price is such a critical part of your operations, it’s worth taking another look at all of your options. If you join an online marketplace, you’ll have access to more than a handful of sources and ultimately more options for product.

Myth Three: It’s Virtually Impossible to Always Find the Plants You Need

This myth is also true if your sources are limited. Maybe you are used to always having to substitute product based on availability. Sometimes it won’t matter, but sometimes it absolutely will, especially if the homeowner is very passionate about that particular plant.

Instead of having to go back to clients all the time with substitutions, expand your sources on an online marketplace. You can’t guarantee that you’ll find everything every time, but it improves your odds. Keep clients happy by fulfilling their design vision.

Myth Four: Your Supply Chain Will Always Be Complicated

The supply chain for landscaping companies is a bit haphazard. The work is seasonal, and there are many other issues that can disrupt the supply chain. You may also be dealing with multiple tiers, with every step closer to you receiving another markup.

Your supply chain might not be perfect on an online marketplace, but it will improve dramatically, mostly because of how seamless the workflow is. Really, you can do everything on the platform in a few easy steps.

You search, quote, order, and coordinate delivery or pickup. It’s that simple. Plus, all your orders are in one spot, so there’s no back and forth trying to reconcile things. You can also learn over time what you order the most and when, which could be a big help in forecasting for the next year.

Myth Five: Buying Online Is Too Complicated for a Non-Techie

You’ll be glad to know that you don’t need to be technically inclined to use an online marketplace. These platforms are designed for an intuitive user experience. It’s easy to search for products, see quantities and pricing, and place orders. You won’t need lots of training, but you can certainly find all the answers you need on the platforms’ FAQ section.

Don’t be intimidated because you don’t use technology that often. Access the site from your smartphone or mobile device, so you can order direct from the field, which could also save you some time as well.

Now, that you know the real story about landscape supply, it’s time to experience LandscapeHub, the premier online marketplace for our industry. Buyers pay nothing to become a member, and you’ll immediately have access to over 100 suppliers. Learn more about how the platform works today.