As I finalize this post, our office is almost empty. Today is moving day from the LandscapeHub office at State & Monroe in downtown Chicago. When we moved in last September, there were only four of us on the team…now we are a team of 15! While it is bittersweet to leave our first “home,” you can only imagine how excited we are for more space just a few blocks away at LaSalle & Adams. Please come visit when you are in Chicago!

This month has gone so quickly with activity that I feel like it is a blur in our rear view mirror. We all faced the ongoing challenges with the weather, product shortages, and the domino effect on productivity given the lack of labor. Nonetheless, we persevered and made the best of every encounter with our customers, business partners, and colleagues during the stressful busy season.

All month long, our team here has been focused on providing the best service and experience with LandscapeHub. We have been bolstered by your positive support and feedback for us and our product. Our hope is you felt the gratitude we have for each of you! And how it keeps us laser-focused in our commitment to providing a more connected industry for all nursery and landscape professionals.

My personal journey as the Founder of LandscapeHub comes with peaks of elation at a job well done by the team; then the valleys of challenges from building what we are building. I share this with all of you so you know that my commitment–my team’s commitment–is to provide you with the newest technology, efficiencies, and insight through LandscapeHub. For those of you have yet to use our marketplace, I invite you to “Join LandscapeHub” below. You’ll gain free access to search, quote, and order from our network of over 100 suppliers. For the vast majority of you, sincere thanks for all your continued support in using LandscapeHub.

May each of you have a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday with family and friends.


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