One of the core values of LandscapeHub is “Be Creative, Be Bold, & Think Big.” As a brand, we’ve been bold from the start with our positioning and messaging, but in terms of our logo and color palette, we were lacking quite a bit. As we just passed the one-year mark as a company, we have a stronger sense of who we are—and where we are going. So, the timing is ideal to reveal the new look of LandscapeHub.

LandscapeHub now presents a clear, consistent, and recognizable logo and visual identity. This will avail us immediate awareness and help retain top-of-mind status as we further expand into new markets. We believe our new look more accurately depicts who we are and what we represent. The landscape design illustration captures imagery we see in our industry and lends us the freedom to customize with additional products, when needed. Our now brilliant royal blue palette is vibrant and will beautifully complement the natural green color of our primary products.

You’ll notice the shape of the logo remains the same; it is a nod to nature as it is reminiscent to the shape of a leaf. While the old logo has arrows in the center—meant to signify moving the industry forward—we’ve further expanded upon that concept of movement in the refined version. The primary difference you’ll see is the logo now signifies a hub: four sections directed towards a center, core, or central focus. By definition, a hub is “the effective center of an activity, region, or network.” This is exactly how we aim to position LandscapeHub: focused on enabling convergence and centralization, providing opportunities to connect everyone in the industry through our platform.

The transition to the brighter look is now reflected on and our social channels. Also, please be sure to visit us next month at IGC or FarWest to see our new booth, and to learn about other exciting updates we have to share.