Fall is a delightful time of year. Cooler weather is ushered in, while leaves turn colors and fall. It’s also a time of change for landscaping. Summer blooms have gone dormant but that doesn’t mean there aren’t inspiring ideas for fall landscapes. Whether you are working on a small or large space, consider these ideas that will amaze your clients and keep your crew working into the fall.

Pumpkins and Potted Plants

Nothing says fall like bright orange pumpkins. One idea to infuse some fall into a space is to use a mixture of potted plants and pumpkins. This is an opportunity to get very creative, even adding in some new planters that evoke the season. Pumpkins can remain on display for several weeks before they begin to rot.

Feature Natural Colors

Natural color schemes with hanging vine flowers, green trees, and golden leaves are an amazing sight for fall. If your client isn’t excited about the oranges of pumpkins, natural colors are a great way to express fall inspiration. This is a good time to do a final grooming of the landscape too. For many, the more natural, the better. Give your clients an enchanting view while they sip their coffee on their patio on a brisk fall morning.

Rocks and Hard Goods for Fall

A rock garden can be beautiful and give dimension to a space. Rocks can be used in conjunction with a water feature to create a serene autumn ambiance that reflects the quieter, more reflective feel of the season. Invite nature into the landscaping with unique rock designs.

Fall is a good time to update hard goods, too, including pathways or pavers. Because hard good installations don’t require any planting or watering, the cooler weather won’t impede these projects. Look at all the possible outdoor spaces that could use a new look and offer ideas to your clients to include hard goods.

Autumn Patios Let Nature Take Center Stage

No frills are needed when nature is the star of a patio. For clients with small patio spaces, native plants are a great choice as they can be planted and start to root before winter’s dormant period. Keep the look clean and polished with a nice organization. Use planters where appropriate as well and take the time to spruce up hedges.

Choose Colorful Plants that Complement the Home’s Exterior

Great color is the key to a striking fall front yard. Houses painted a vibrant color can actually coordinate colors to blend well with the home’s aesthetics. However, be careful not to use too many colors, as it will start to look like a rainbow. Pairing plants with the home’s color is a great design idea for fall or any season.

Accent Spaces with Delicate Flowers

Incorporate the spirit of the fall season by adding a few delicate flowering plants or vines. Change up planters for a more fall vibe. Adding a cascading floral effect to the landscape offers a splash of color. It’s also an easy way to incorporate the homeowner’s favorites without putting them into the ground.  

Go Contemporary and Modern with Design

For the more modern or contemporary home, less is usually better. Choose tiny shrubs and straight lines. When incorporating a fall season feel, add a few autumn attributes such as bundles of hay or stacks of pumpkins and gourds. However, traditional isn’t the only option. Understand the aesthetic of your clients so you can capture it in the landscape.

Tree Scenes Enhanced

Are the trees in your client’s yard ready to turn with lots of vibrant color? Part of the job is already done for you. Make these kinds of trees a focal point by adding a mini garden right under them. Be sure to select plants that do well in the shade. Add some color with oranges and yellows. This quick and easy renovation may become the best part of the yard.

Fresh Garden Concepts

Another fresh concept is to use hay-like or wispy fronded plants. The airy feel of these types of plants naturally look fall-like. Add some smaller flowering plants to this space for a lively scene that is sure to boost curb appeal. This type of landscape would also be a complemented well with pumpkins.

Fall is a great time to do something different with your clients’ landscapes. The season brings about striking color changes in many areas so it’s a great time to play up that color. For whatever project you choose to take on, you can find the plants and hard goods you need at LandscapeHub. We offer a landscape supply online marketplace that brings you more variety at affordable prices. There are so many benefits to using LandscapeHub for your fall projects and beyond. Learn more about joining today—at no cost to buyers.