Fire pits are a great way to extend the use of an outside space after the cooler temperatures arrive. They can be a great centerpiece for holiday parties or family get-togethers. Fun and happy memories can be made sitting around the fire pit. With new technology and more options than ever before, there are lots of ways to use fire pits outside.

Snow Forts and Fire Pits

For those areas of the country that have plentiful snow, having fun outside can be very chilly. But the snow offers you a chance to create a unique place for your fire pit. You’ll need to channel your inner child and probably ask a few for help. Build a snow fort and place the fire pit in the center. The fort also keeps the wind at bay and offers a warmer way to enjoy winter nights.

Add the Fire Pit to a Deck or Patio

Depending on the size of the fire pit, most are usually easy to move around. By moving yours to a deck or patio (just don’t place it anywhere with a roof), it becomes the center of the party, a place for everyone to enjoy some toasted marshmallows, and allows you to enjoy the outside without having to wade through snow or ice.

Fire Pits and Comfy Seating

If you don’t have snow but still plenty of cold, then your fire pit can find its spot in your yard. All you need is some comfortable seating all around. Choose furniture that’s weather-friendly and soft. Go for u-shaped seating so that everyone gets some heat. This can turn into a great space to entertain or have a nightcap.

Fire Pits and Water Displays

Fire and water are a hot trend in landscape design, so it’s the perfect idea for settings that don’t get below freezing. A fire pit and water effect can be just the look for your outside area, offering drama and warmth. There are a variety of different types from small and simple to big and lavish. Selecting the right one should be based on the space you have and the overall style of your home and landscape.

A Natural Setting

Fire pits can be constructed of many different things, and if you want a natural setting, stones and rocks are the perfect materials. Even in the winter, you’ll still appreciate how beautiful a rock fire pit can be. For the full look, arrange bigger rocks around the fire pit or find furniture that has the same aesthetic.

For a natural and earthy vibe, crushed stone under the fire pit is another idea. Accent it with rustic pieces on top of a paver patio.

Fire Sculptures

If you want a real showstopper fire pit, then fire sculptures are just for you. Geometric shapes, abstract lines, or even a dragon are all options for a fire sculpture. These pieces of art will also keep you warm and cozy.

Sunken Fire Pits

Another way to add a fire pit to a landscape is to create a sunken fire pit. When winter comes, make sure the pit doesn’t get filled with snow or leaves. The heat from the pit will waft upward while you sit by and watch the mesmerizing fire.

The Charming Fire Pit

If you’d rather have a more romantic fire pit, then add a bit of scrollwork around your fire pit. This creates a classy and serene atmosphere. Find something vintage at a flea market or make your own. This is just one more way to make your winter fire pit unique.

A Modern Chiminea

A chiminea is another way to light up your winter wonderland. Find a modern-looking one in a neutral shade. Because chiminea are freestanding, they can be placed in a variety of locations. Gather chairs around it and sip some wine or hot chocolate.

Fire Pit Coffee Tables

In addition to adding warmth to your winter seating area, your fire pit can take on double duty as a coffee table. Sitting the table in the middle of your area will allow it to be utilitarian as well as a heat source. It’s truly a stunning focal point.

Industrial Designed Fire Pits

For an ultra-modern take on fire pits, find one with an industrial edge, which means lots of metal. Some takes on this have been to use a cement block as the foundation with lava rocks to top it off. These look will be a winner for any contemporary loving household.

Fire pits are a great way to keep using outdoor spaces long after the warm days of summer. Make special winter memories this year by creating your own fire pit design.